Islam-and-Peace!ArsSr-P0CcWcgcErlakxe9ob-2KlkQ     HILLARY CLINTONS LIES AND HYPOCRISY

What can we say about this picture? Here is Hillary Clinton who loves little pup seals. She supports animal-rights of all sorts. Such as pup seals, the bald eagle and other animals. However, in her great wisdom and self justice, she cannot support the unborn baby. I would submit if all the unborn babies had political voice, political power, and could vote, she would find a way to include them. But as it is, they are easy to betray they put up no fight and she gains the vote of those women that find certain expediency in the death and the killing of the unborn. These types of people will all always say that the female has a right to kill as she sees fit. After all, the baby might be poor, the baby might be sick or the baby may be unwanted. Yet, after a lifetime I can tell you with many, many experiences of people born very sick, with heart conditions and such, with people born with polio, never once have I heard one of them say they did not want to live. So in the doing of killing the unborn there is absolutely no substantiation that killing is what a child, and infant would ever assume as an answer to whether they wanted to live. Hillary, has in the past supported the most barbaric legislation in the form of partial birth abortion. The idea itself is so appalling that it pales other atrocities done by the Gestapo and other evil. Yet, this twisted soul of Hillary supports the death of the innocent. She will not aid or protect. Kind of like Pontius Pilate would not aid or protect the innocence of Christ. She betrays those she can for her benefit. For example. the servicemen at Benghazi, the coal miners of Virginia or anyone else standing in her way, and her obsession for power is easily crushed.

She has been the absolute worse Secretary of State I know of. I could mention the failed policies of Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan. The absolute worse unbelievable stupid incompetent decision of all time lies in her negotiating with Iran. The idea is so stupid I have trouble even thinking about it. A sworn enemy of the United States for any reason receiving money from the United States, is nothing less than aiding and abetting the enemy. The idea that Iran can refine or have in any capacity heavy water and make excuses is total incompetence. The idea that Iran can tell Hillary or her protégés that Iran is gathering the heavy water for better enemas is answered by the Obama administration and Hillary shaking their head yes and saying we all love better enemas. Where, oh where is John Bolton. Please, John Bolton come and negotiates for us. We have total incompetence in Hillary and this administration towards national security.

However, Hillary  will take  some  money from  Islamic Countries and prostitute her belief in standing up for women.




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