The Hispanic community has to realize sovereignty is something that applies to the country at large and not just Hispanics. A country has sovereignty just like a home. I can give this analogy, if people started coming into your house uninvited what would you say? Most people would say you need to leave. Now, let’s further set the example and say some people came into your house and said, you need to start taking care of us, and work and start doing things our way here. Most people would call the police to invoke the law that is the sovereignty of their home, their domain. So it is, most legal citizens whether they are  from Hispanic culture or not do not want an invasion of unvetted people. The idea that any people can circumvent the law by virtue of their ignoring the law or because of their numbers and logistics, meaning the closeness of our borders is not acceptable. The idea that vast numbers of people invade a country such as the United States by virtue of the country’s goodwill is not a policy. The idea that counties or cities or states that have Hispanic political politicians that wish to subvert the law for their own means is not acceptable. Both parties, the Democrats and the Republicans have let the situation get so out of hand that the typical citizen feels at a loss in what to do. The idea that these poor people somehow are going to make the country so much better is foolish. It’s kind of like saying a person with no money is going to make a multimillionaire far better off. The reality is whether it is in healthcare, or other services those who have the money will end up paying for those that do not. For example, if a hospital has people has patience that do not have health insurance, who in the world do you think pays for that? It’s not magic. Those that have the money end  up paying for those patients that do not have insurance. There is no free ride. Another example, if a government provides for a certain amount of people and yet there are more people there in the country taking services, then those that are actually legal in the country get less services because the extra people are not accounted for. The result is poor service because of illegal invasion of people taking services and demanding services. So the government collects from the legal citizens a certain amount of taxes and provide services in accordance with those who are legally in the country and yet many more demand services. Then of course we have the mass number of drug dealers. coming from Hispanic origins such as Mexico. The violence is great. This is all perpetrated on a people of America, by their good will, of America turning a blind eye to the invasion which is at an overwhelming rate. Some of these invaders murder innocent citizens and their children. Remarkably, some of these people many of these perpetrators  remain in our country to create the same criminal actions over and over and over again, at a great cost both economically and heartbreakingly to the Americans. Still, with arrogance, you will see many Hispanic politicians making demands for people that are here illegally. Donald Trump is the only person that has ever addressed this burgeoning situation. He has the best intentions for the American citizens at heart. The wall, stopping sanctuary cities and counties is paramount. At such a point that this invasion stops, America can decide what is appropriate and compassionate for those that are here and wish to be here. Again, those that have waited and done things legally and correctly should take precedence over those that simply invade.


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