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After the suspect killed two people at a criminal justice conference, bystanders attacked him with a fire extinguisher and a narwhal tusk before police arrived

Bystanders took a stand against the London Bridge terror suspect Usman Khan, tackling him to the ground while wielding a …Read the Rest

The federal judge's stunning rebuke of the White House came as the result of a case by House Democrats to force ex-White House counsel Don McGahn to testify

Donald Trump is not going to like his Constitution 101 lesson: “Presidents are not kings.” Source: CNN

Dramatic public impeachment testimony did little to sever the strong bond between Trump, his GOP supporters and conservative media propagandists

Two weeks of dramatic and incriminating public impeachment testimony did little to sever the strong bond between President Donald Trump, …Read the Rest

An indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani would tell Congress that the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee met with an ex-Ukraine official, lawyer says

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The former National Security Council official made the case against Trump better than Democrats ever have

Fiona Hill, the last witness in two weeks of televised impeachment hearings, made the case against her old boss President …Read the Rest

The President's impeachment angst threatens to deepen in a dramatic week ahead of public testimony

President Donald Trump’s impeachment angst led him to fire off a new attack on a key witness and threatens to …Read the Rest

Testimony from a former US ambassador and the conviction of an associate fit into a pattern of questionable behavior clouding the President's entire political career

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An appeal to history, a powerful opening statement, and other standout moments from the first public hearings

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CNN obtains a GOP memo that attempts to undercut key Democratic arguments outlining Trump's alleged culpability ahead of tomorrow's impeachment hearings

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