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75% of continental US is below freezing

Source: CNN

Temperature in Chicago drops to record-breaking low

At the peak of this week’s extreme weather, about 224 million people across the country were hit with below-freezing temperatures. …Read the Rest

The frigid winter weather isn't over. Now there is talk of frost quakes in one of the hardest-hit cities.

The winter weather isn’t done with Chicago; now there is talk of frost quakes. Source: CNN

Governor: We're getting soft for closing schools in cold

CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist looks at the various ways schools announce they are closing due to cold weather. Source: CNN

Talks with North Korea's top negotiator 'got nowhere' on denuclearization, sources say

As President Donald Trump hails “progress being made,” a source familiar with details of the high-profile visit of North Korea’s …Read the Rest

Opinion: When polar vortex hits, make borscht

The temperature rose to a warm 9 degrees last Saturday afternoon. The sun was bright, the snowpack mostly gone. My …Read the Rest

Brexit brinkmanship: UK demands deal change, EU says 'non'

British Prime Minister Theresa May was on a collision course with the European Union on Wednesday after lawmakers demanded she …Read the Rest

Vale, miners' shares climb on post-disaster plan to shut dams

Vale SA’s shares recovered some extensive recent losses on Wednesday that were triggered by a deadly tailing dam collapse, after …Read the Rest

As polar vortex lingers, parts of U.S. set for record lows

Parts of the United States are bracing for record low temperatures on Wednesday, as a blast of Arctic air gripping …Read the Rest

Trump associate Roger Stone's indictment refocuses attention on whether the President and his campaign team crossed legal and ethical lines in 2016

Roger Stone is known for hyperbole, but his latest graphic warning should worry Donald Trump. Source: CNN