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Britain's May seeks to cut deal on future EU ties in Brussels

Prime Minister Theresa May heads to Brussels on Wednesday to try to finalize a blueprint for Britain’s future ties with …Read the Rest

Had Trump launched prosecutions against Hillary Clinton and James Comey, it could've been the end of his presidency, as a clear-cut abuse of power

Had President Donald Trump been successful in launching prosecutions against Hillary Clinton and James Comey, it could have spelled the …Read the Rest

Ex-WH counsel: Trump going to level Nixon never went to

John Dean, one of the central figures in the Watergate scandal, said that even Former President Richard Nixon would say …Read the Rest

Trump wanted the Justice Department to investigate Clinton

President Donald Trump told the top White House lawyer in April that he wanted to order federal prosecutions of Hillary …Read the Rest

Doctors start movement seeking gun research in response to NRA telling them to 'stay in  their lane'

The feud between the National Rifle Association and the medical community still rages on, with the latest round coming from …Read the Rest

Does Obama think he could've won 2020?

During an interview with David Axelrod, Barack Obama was asked if he could win an election against Trump if he …Read the Rest

How social media shows us a new side of Congress

See how a new generation of freshman lawmakers are using social media in a way you don’t typically see on …Read the Rest

Desmond Tutu gives a peace award to Parkland students

Survivors of the deadly shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school were awarded the 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize on …Read the Rest

Trump sends finished written answers to Mueller

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he’s done answering questions from special counsel Robert Mueller related to the investigation of …Read the Rest

Obama argues to throw out the filibuster

President Obama said the filibuster, which requires 60 votes to pass legislation in the Senate, has made it “impossible” to …Read the Rest