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G20, forged in crisis, faces major test next week: Donald Trump

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The diary of a Christian evangelist believed to have been killed by an isolated tribe reveals his final musings

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Friend : American missionary wanted help tribe

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Tribe thought to have killed American is 'world's most isolated'

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Isolated tribe encounters are usually violent

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American missionary John Allen Chau knew the risks, friends say

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EU, UK agree on Brexit text, but gaps remain before summit

Britain and the European Union agreed a draft text setting out a close post-Brexit relationship, officials said, though wrangles over …Read the Rest

'Operational cooperation': Brexit deal vague on EU-Britain security ties

Britain has failed to win a guarantee of access to EU security databases once it leaves the European Union, according …Read the Rest

Analysis: This is a stress test of the US government

If you weren’t taking President Donald Trump literally, you were wrong. Source: CNN

Two years after 13-year-old won an award for her essay, she was shot in her bedroom as she watched TV

Sandra Parks wrote an award-winning essay about the constant shootings in her hometown of Milwaukee and elsewhere, and the emotional …Read the Rest