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Just weeks after 2018's Election Day, signs are clear: 2020 Senate campaigns are currently underway

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Renault-Nissan leaders to meet amid tensions over Ghosn ouster

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Taiwan ruling party accepts defeat in southern city mayoral race

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Sources: Ayers may be Kelly's replacement

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Opinion: Trump's crime against humanity

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Scientists want to dim the sun

November 23, 2018
Scientists want to dim the sun

Scientists are proposing an ingenious but as-yet-unproven way to tackle climate change: spraying sun-dimming chemicals into the Earth’s atmosphere. Source: …Read the Rest

The federal report says climate change could shrink the economy and kill thousands. These findings run counter to Trump's message that climate change is a hoax

A new US government report delivers a dire warning about climate change and its devastating impacts, saying the economy could …Read the Rest

CNN meteorologist responds to Trump's climate tweet

After a President Donald Trump tweet incorrectly suggested cold temperatures discredited global warming, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers shows one cold …Read the Rest

A slippery trade: oil slump proves bears right

The latest collapse in oil prices has proved some investors right in their lack of confidence in energy stocks this …Read the Rest

Oil prices hit year low; OPEC considers output cut

Oil prices fell to their lowest in more than a year on Friday, on course for their biggest one-month decline …Read the Rest