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Elon Musk reignites Twitter slur controversy

The Tesla chief asks why he has not been sued by a British man he had defamed and apologised to. …Read the Rest

Jamel Myles' mother: 'I blame myself for my son's suicide'

Leia Pierce says her nine-year-old son Jamel killed himself because of homophobic bullying. Source: BBC

How a pink hair challenge aided dyslexic girl's reading

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Analysis: Donald Trump was the big winner Tuesday night

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US mum's anguish over nine-year-old son's suicide

She says her son killed himself after enduring homophobic bullying and blames herself for his death. Source: BBC

'Sexualised' hijab hero gets makeover after costume criticism

A comic book fan redesigns X-Men’s hijab-wearing superhero to reflect realistic, modern dress. Source: BBC

Arizona's GOP Senate primary was expected to be the race to watch, but an unlikely upset stole the show

On a night when Arizona’s Republican US Senate primary was expected to command most of the attention, a stunning upset …Read the Rest

Jeffrey Toobin calls Trump's bluff: Let's be clear …

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin says President Donald Trump’s warning to evangelical leaders about ‘violence’ if the GOP loses midterm elections has …Read the Rest

Inside McCain's surprise eulogy invitation to Obama

A parting lesson in American civility from Sen. John McCain lies in the roster of leaders he personally selected to …Read the Rest