United Airlines finds themselves in deep doo-doo quite literally as a crazed passenger plunges the embattled airline into yet ANOTHER controversy. Flight 895 took a rather smelly detour from its original flight plan on the flight from Chicago to Hong Kong as it was forced to divert to Alaska.  Passengers on a Hong Kong-bound flight from O’Hare International Airport made an unexpected landing after a man made a mess in two of the lavatories on the plane. The flight was forced to divert to Alaska after the flight crew discovered a man smeared human feces inside a couple of bathrooms, removed his shirt and tried to shove it into a toilet, according to local news affiliate KTVA.

According to FlightAware.com, the plane arrived at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport or ANC around 6:20 p.m. local time. FBI agents and ANC police met the poopy passenger, escorting him off the plane in handcuffs upon landing after the foul episode aboard the Boeing 777. Anchorage Airport Police Lieutenant Joe Gamache stated of the incident – “We received a report of a passenger who had messed up the bathrooms with his own feces.”

There were no indications the incident was related to terrorism, according to FBI spokeswoman Staci Feger-Pellessier. No injuries were reported. The man is identified as a 22-year-old Vietnamese man, though his name has not been released. His family was sending him back to Vietnam in an effort to help him stay out of “trouble”

The matter is being investigated by the FBI in conjunction with Airport Police as the poopy passenger was released from jail in Evansville, Indiana just two days prior to the smelly incident aboard the United flight bound for Hong Kong. His family bought the 22-year-old man a one-way ticket back to his home country of Vietnam to live with other family members as a result of his repeated issues while a resident in the United States including several arrests. He had previously been a resident of Oakland, California, before living with an aunt in Indiana prior to that.

Passenger Tri Nguyen states of the fecal flinging man – “He just was out of control and I tried to calm him down as much as I could.”  Many credit Nguyen’s calm demeanor on the United flight was a huge reason United pilots were able to successful address the odorous man and his fecal flinging frenzy with minimal issues for other passengers. Nquyen from Evansville, Indiana, sat next to the 22-year-old man.

Nquyen stated of the man – “I knew his aunt in Evansville. She asked if I would look out for him. He’s been in a lot of trouble and the family was sending him to Vietnam.”

Authorities needed an interpreter to interview the man, who was carrying a Vietnamese passport and had a U.S. permanent resident card. He was cooperative with all authorities and made no threats on the plane to passengers or to the flight crew, nor did he try to interfere in the flight in any way. After being interviewed by authorities through a translator, he was transported to an Anchorage hospital for a mental evaluation. Currently, no charges have been filed against the man though federal authorities have not yet ruled out if charges will be filed at some future date.

Other passengers told of the erratic and destructive antics of the poopy passenger, where he was reported as shaking the seats of other passengers.  He was also seen pouring various beverages on the ground and on laptops. One passenger known as B.J. Canup described the man as “shirtless” stating of the excrement filled scene aboard the aircraft – “Something wasn’t right with him upstairs. I saw him spreading feces on the bathroom wall with his shirt. He was pouring soda and spitting food all over too”

Witnesses described the United crew and how they handled the incident.  They describe how families and children sitting around the man were moved and replaced with “some really big guys” to sit around him.  Witnesses describe how the flight crew’s quick thinking helped complete the move without incident. One passenger, a 7-foot-tall man was asked to assist, stating – “I was just asked to help out and was ready to do what I could.”

Scott Gross of local news affiliate KTVA Channel 11 posted to Twitter of the “real heroes” of United flight 895 – stating “These are the real heros right here,” united passenger BJ Canup said. “These men kept the young man calm as we landed in Anchorage.” Enrico Millo, Zach Baker, Evans Mendonca & Tri Nguyen kept UnitedAirlines disruptive passenger calm.

The pilot then decided the rest of the plane ride would be too risky for smelly pooper’s fellow passengers.  Local news affiliate KTUU reports that United Airlines listed on its website that the plane was diverted due to “operational difficulties.” Airport Operations says the Boeing 777 was grounded overnight for maintenance, leaving passengers stranded in Anchorage. 245 people were affected by the man’s odorous efforts and is providing hotel accommodations for its customers.

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