Shots were fired at soldiers and it could’ve triggered an all-out war that would involve numerous countries getting involved in a drastic battle. The South Korean military unleashed multiple warning shots at the North Korean soldiers as they crept toward the borderline when another North Korean defected and ran over to South Korea looking for safety and a life that doesn’t come under the demise of North Korean leadership. The gunshots were warnings sent to the North Koreans to ensure that they don’t cross the border or there will be trouble. The North Koreans responded appropriately by staying put but had they stepped one tiny bit over the line, and then all-out war would’ve erupted in a gunfight.

The defection signals trouble with the North Korean leadership and the way of life. If their life were so great, then people wouldn’t escape the country any chance they get. They wouldn’t risk being shot by the North Korean military to flee their own country. Events like this show why the North Korean leadership doesn’t appear to get along with some of the other countries, and in particular, the United States. If anything happened to South Korean soldiers during that defection, then the United States may have gotten involved. If someone from North Korea’s military goes down in a gunfight, it could likely prompt Kim Jong-un to respond with military action. Anything that provokes a military response or reaction from North Korea will likely result in South Korea reacting accordingly, at which point the United States finds themselves waiting to see if they need to intervene and land a few haymakers of their own to enforce their alliance against North Korea.

Kim Jong-un and President Trump have conflicts that occasionally surface on Twitter. Jong-un persistently tests nukes, most recently with Anthrax, and keeps other world leaders on the edge of their seat in the event they need to protect themselves from an unprovoked attack.

NY Post reports:
“South Korea’s military fired 20 rounds of warning shots Thursday as North Korean soldiers approached a borderline after their comrade defected to South Korea, officials said.
South Korean media reported there were sounds of gunfire from the North after South Korea’s warning shots. South Korean defense officials couldn’t immediately confirm the report.

North Korean soldiers have occasionally — and often safely — fled through the land border. Thursday’s defection came nearly 40 days after another North Korean soldier crossed the jointly controlled area at the border, the only places where rival troops are only feet away, amid a barrage of bullets fired by colleagues. He was shot multiple times and remains hospitalized in South Korea.”

People should be wary of a country that involves citizens “escaping” from the wraths of the dictatorship lifestyle the citizens might be forced to adhere by. Living in a horrible country is like working at a lousy job, and people can’t wait to get out of either. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what you would do. You’d probably defect as well, even if it means soldiers will shoot at you. Perhaps leaving a bad job isn’t nearly as bad. Both situations are equally stressful, yet walking out of a bad job doesn’t usually involve being shot at and possibly invoking the third world war.

“On Thursday morning, another soldier, whose personal details weren’t immediately disclosed, used a different section of the border to defect.

By the time when the soldier arrived at a front-line South Korean guard post, there was no shooting from the North, according to South Korea’s Defense Ministry and Joint Chiefs of Staff.
But later Thursday, South Korea’s military detected North Korean soldiers approaching a military demarcation line at the border before it broadcast a warning and fired 20 rounds of warning shots from machine guns, said a South Korean defense official, requesting anonymity based on department rules.

Animosities run high on the Korean Peninsula as North Korea has been accelerating its weapons tests as part of its stated goal of achieving a nuclear missile capable of striking anywhere in the United States . Last month, North Korea test-fired its biggest and most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile.”

Watching defectors escape, warning shots fired, and missiles tested with Anthrax makes people wonder what’s going in North Korea and the border. How bad is it? Will a war break out? Will surrounding countries get involved and join South Korea if there’s a war between them and North Korea? One must wonder when and if the war breaks out, but who will step up to the plate and throw the knockout punches?

What happens next? Will North Korea get tired of their citizens defecting and react in a way that would provoke a war?

A recent defector was found with their body filled with parasites and was shot numerous times by North Koreans. How much is too much and when will other countries step in and put an end to the destructive behaviors that find people with worms living in their body and running from their own country?


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