Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter Malia has seen more than her fair share of controversy in the last two years due to her debauchery. It’s what you could expect being raised by a criminal father and a self-absorbed mother who’s too busy entertaining rappers than she is raising her daughters. That was a task often left for others to do. However, recent photos have just surfaced which show what Malia has been up to while nobody was looking and it’s really bad.

Like her mother, Malia enjoys a party, escape from responsibility, and a substantial amount of relaxation. Perhaps this was the reason why the Obama’s eldest daughter took a year off from getting into the college grind. Her escapades were well documented in that so-called “gap year,” but now that the party is over, the truth has just come out based on what was found in a series of pictures. It’s only been about a month since she was caught on camera kissing her white boyfriend, which Barack wasn’t too happy about. Now, he just got worse news.

Malia Obama has been raised with privilege and entitlement and now that she’s not a “kid” anymore, she’s opened herself up to public scrutiny with her adult antics — despite what rules liberals claim about “kids” being off limits, so long as they aren’t President Trump’s grandkids.

While she may be book smart, enough to get into Harvard with the help of nepotism, she’s former first daughter has proven herself to be quite a party animal. We saw this over the summer when she was hauled away in a drunken stupor from Lollapalooza in a golf cart driven by Secret Service. However, that was just a small indicator of a much bigger problem which is evident in a series of photographs entertainment website Radar Online compiled that can be seen here.

“Ex-White House wild child Malia Obama has turned into a party monster at upscale Harvard University,” Radar reports. “ found social media bursting with shocking details of former First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter boozing it up instead of hitting the books.”

“Damn, I saw Malia Obama in Cambridge, MA tonight. She was beautiful but drunk and cursing like any other college student,” an eyewitness wrote on social media on September 8, just ten days before the presidential princess started her $63,000-a-year college education at Harvard. “Just casually saw a very lit Malia Obama at Harvard square,” another shocked onlooker wrote online.

Other witnesses to her drunken stupor sited a time when they saw her getting on and off a party bus “wasted with her Harvard homies.” It was the very next day after this sighting that she appeared wobbly and making out in public with a mystery man while tailgating. It seems as though the hard-partying seen during her “gap year” wasn’t just a girl sewing her wild oats, it was a bad habit in the making. With a mom like Michelle, she’s just doing what she was taught growing up – learning by example.

Unlike in her house growing up, this behavior could come with a heaping dose of consequence if she doesn’t shape up. At an Ivy League school, behavior is taken seriously and acting the fool as she’s been seen doing could result in a negative report on her report card.

While painted as a sweet little girl and now college co-ed, Malia has a bit of a temperamental attitude, which originally came out at the club when she confronted this conservative pundit. This temperament surfaced again on campus last week when an elderly woman asked for a picture with her, which Malia wasn’t interested in.

Daily Mail reports:

It’s been less than a week since Malia Obama moved into her dorm and officially became Harvard University’s most famous freshman.

It appears the public attention is beginning to grate on the 19-year-old former first daughter.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s first-born reacted angrily Saturday to a gawker who waited outside a campus store in order to snap a picture of the famous former occupant of the White House, TMZ reported.

According to the celebrity gossip site, an onlooker saw a woman approach Malia who was grabbing a salad on campus and kindly requested a photo for her grandson. Rather than simply smiling for the camera for two seconds, Malia took a much different approach to the request which left the witness stunned.

TMZ reports that Malia first turned the request down and finished making her lunch purchase. The grandmother had left the salad station and went outside the shop. When Malia exited, the woman quickly snapped a picture of her walking out to which Malia replied, “Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?”

Malia’s attitude issues toward the public have been well hidden by her parents who are masters at putting on a front for the American people. It’s in full-view now that she’s on her own and quick to lash out at anyone who asks for a picture.

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