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BREAKING: 6 Dead, 30 Wounded In Thanksgiving Bloodbath As Trump Is About To Address The Nation

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Trump Just Added Jaw-Dropping Detail To His First White House Christmas Card That Has Haters Screaming Mad

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Antifa Scumbag Rioter Attacks And Kills Police Horse Gets Instant Unexpected Karma

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BREAKING: Racist Nurse Who Said White Babies Should Be Fed To Wolves Just Got Unbelievable Dose Of Karma

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Denzel Washington Just Called Out Biggest Problem With Black Community After Obama Refused To – Now’s His Life Is In Danger

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BREAKING: Woman With Damning Pictures Hillary Didn’t Want Out Just Found Dead By Insane Incident

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Trump Just Dismantled Welfare Overnight With MAJOR Change No Other President In History Has Done Before

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BREAKING: 9 Muslims Just Committed Massive Act Of Terrorism On Cops And Media Is DEAD SILENT!

And once again we see “Religion of Peace” followers being their usual peaceful selves. A car filled with 9 Iraqi …Read the Rest

NFL Player Runs Onto Field During Flag Ceremony And Shocked Entire Stadium With What He Did To Soldier

Despite the dramatically decreasing attendance, NFL games still go on weekly regardless if there’s anyone there to see them and …Read the Rest