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Backstabbing Authorities Just Began Confiscating Guns For Insane Reason – Met With All Out WAR

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Arrogant Muslims See A Christmas Tree Being Setup At a Mall, They Start Attacking it As a Man Records it in Horror

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Badass Texans Player Just Beat Down Every Whiny Protester On His Field With What He’s Bringing To Next Game

As tens of thousands of Texans and Floridians battle the aftermath of the hurricane that ripped through their communities, we’re …Read the Rest

The NFL Just SOLD OUT To Racist Players By Giving Each One A Massive Gift For Scandalous Reason

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BREAKING: Trump Just Called For Immediate Investigation Into Shocking Death Of BIG Liberal’s Young Intern

President Donald Trump an early morning tweet suggested that frequent unhinged critic Ex-Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough who is now the …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Hillary’s Brother Just Busted In MASSIVE Scandal That Has A Major Impact On America

Don’t you just love it when the trash is taken out, permanently? A vast group of 32 Chinese Businessmen have …Read the Rest

Warning Issued After Terrifying Find Discovered Off Gulf Of Mexico Following N. Korea Missile Launch

After months of threats, the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that has sent shockwaves around …Read the Rest

Violent BLM Is Back For Christmas With A Nasty Surprise For Trump They’ve Been Plotting For Months

Because Black Lives Matters hate everything that America stands for they are now preparing a nasty surprise for Trump as …Read the Rest

Trump Heard What Muslims Wanted In White House For Holidays And Sends Them Something Brilliant Instead

Over the last eight years, the Barack Obama administration declared war on Christians and did everything he could to bend …Read the Rest

Thugs Violently Drag State Trooper Down Interstate, But Watch What Happens When Two Cowboys Show Up!

A New York State Trooper was attempting to pull a car over on Long Island on Wednesday when the situation …Read the Rest