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Pissed Off Black Mama Gives Gang Thug Who Tried To Kill Georgia Cop An EPIC Surprise He DIDN’T Want To See

This is one of those stories that gives you the good feels for all the right reasons. Last Thursday, a …Read the Rest

2 Days After His Birthday, Barack Obama Just Got SICK Surprise That Will Make Millions Of Americans Furious

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? llinois Governor Bruce Rauner, who is a Republican, has just signed a law honoring the 44th …Read the Rest

Sasha’s Sexual Secret Is Out After Onlooker Catches NASTY Thing She Did With Stranger In Public

Well, it seems like both of former President Barack Hussein Obama’s daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama, definitely share the same …Read the Rest

Millions Of YOUR Tax Dollars Just Went To Muslim Refugees For SICK Purpose – Be Prepared To Be PISSED!

The left certainly does enjoy spending the tax payer’s money on useless studies and programs. Under the Obama administration, that …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Trump Just Ended Welfare For One HUGE Group For 5 Years! – Let The Riots ERUPT!

President Trump is about to end the longstanding abuse of the American welfare system and ban migrants from getting free …Read the Rest

VSOs, Politicians And Veterans Spoke Up On Trump’s New Transgender Policy

On July 26, President Trump upended his predecessor’s rule about transgenders in the military with three tweets.  Almost immediately, veterans …Read the Rest

AG Loretta Lynch Just Busted Using A Stolen Identity From A Deceased Person For DISGUSTING Reason

And the plot thickens even further! In what is even more bad news for former President Barack Hussein Obama’s former …Read the Rest

Bad News For Barack After What Malia’s Caught Doing In Chicago – No Hiding Her NASTY Secret Now

Barack Obama’s eldest daughter is in the midst of a “gap year” from her her ivy league college she was …Read the Rest

Melania Viciously Attacked On Television Last Night As Millions Of Americans Watched In Horror

The ignorant self-righteous Yentas on The View are at it again. They have once again done the only thing they …Read the Rest

One Day Into Trump’s 17-Day Break, Melania Gets HORRIBLE News

I have been involved in Politics for over 20 years, and I have never seen so much hatred towards the …Read the Rest