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BREAKING: Mueller Was Just Implicated – Here’s The Sickening Reason Why

And here it comes, folks…. It appears that Wikileaks has the goods on Mueller and they have just released them. …Read the Rest

Final Nail In Wasserman’s Coffin After What Was Just Found In Her Hidden Bank Account

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Every Congressman Who Killed Healthcare FURIOUS At What Trump Just Took From Them

And this is why we elected, defend, and support President Donald J. Trump! Since the Republican led Senate has decided we …Read the Rest

Scaramucci’s Wife Suddenly Files For Divorce After Just 3 Yrs  – Here’s Unbelievable Reason Why

Anthony Scaramucci is the newly minted White House Communications Director. He has already established a reputation as being a no …Read the Rest

Trump Just Held Surprise Ceremony – Liberal Media Refuses To Cover It When They See Who It’s For

Although the main stream media was 100% silent. Thursday morning President Donald Trump awarded five police officers the Medal of …Read the Rest

WHOA! Look What Happens When You Google ‘Islam’ Or ‘Muslim’ After What Search Engine Did Overnight

In America, we like to think that censorship can’t be pushed on us. We assume that since we’ve got this …Read the Rest

Gap Is About To Go Away For Good After What Their Back To School Ad Shows Muslims Doing In It

It is back to school time, and parents across the country are beginning to shop for their children. Just turn …Read the Rest

Wasserman Schultz Going To Mental Hospital After What She Did Overnight Desperate To Escape Arrest

The biggest story this week was the arrest of Pakistani Muslim and longtime aide of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Imran Awan. Earlier this …Read the Rest

Trump Just Unleashed Hell On McCain Today For Intentionally Screwing Americans With HIs Vote

Even during his final days, the so called “Maverick” that is Senator John McCain from Arizona has managed to spit on …Read the Rest

McCain Just Pissed Off Entire Nation With Disturbing 4-Word Statement After Killing Repeal

Senator John McCain and two other Republicans voted no to perform a skinny repeal of Obamacare. McCain’s reasoning sounded like …Read the Rest