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Sick Judge Just Defied Trump And Snuck 1000 Illegal Muslims Into The U.S. Using A Dirty Trick

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Well, Well, Well, Look Who McCain Took A Call From Right Before Changing His Decision On Repeal

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BREAKING: Largest U.S. Naval Base On LOCKDOWN After What Was Found Feet From It Under Water

Naval Station Norfolk, in Virgina, went on high alert today after what was discovered under water just outside the secured …Read the Rest

Disturbing Plan To Take Down Ivanka Trump Just Discovered – Here’s The Sickening Reason Why

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Scaramucci Secretly Tried To Destroy Trump For 10 Days On Job – Here’s What Else He Was Hiding

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BREAKING: 48 Hours After North Korea Launched Missile Look What Just Happened Over Korea

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Trump-Hating Teacher Tells Border Agent She Doesn’t Have To Listen – Gets WRECKED Seconds Later

Ever since Donald Trump was elected the left has been pushing the lie that he is racist and so are …Read the Rest

Baltimore Ravens Look To Sign Kaepernick, But Look How Many Fans Say They Will Boycott If They Do!

Colin Kaepernick is back in the news again, and this time he is not slamming America like he did on …Read the Rest

Obamacare Just IMPLODED With Sudden Second Move Trump Just Made Overnight – Libs Are PISSED

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BREAKING: 339 People Severely Wounded 66 Killed – Trump Just Addressed The Nation

We finally have a president who cares about the real problems facing America’s inner cities! President Donald Trump said in …Read the Rest