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Christian Post: A Universal Declaration of Human Purpose

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Major A-List Actor DESTROYED After What He Just Did In Career-Ending Anti-Trump Photo

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The Real Reason Kathy Posed Like A Terrorist Revealed In This Leaked Pic – Look Who She’s With

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Roseanne Barr Just Exposed Who Kathy Griffin REALLY Is After Her Scandalous Skeletons Come Out

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Desperate Barack And Michelle Obama Just Spent Over $8 Million on ONE Thing To Try To Take Out Trump

People will do some pretty impressive things to look good in front of their neighbors, but if you’re willing to …Read the Rest

FBI Just Took Over This U.S. City – Officials Expected To Address The Nation On The Situation

Chicago crooks and gang-bangers better sleep with one eye open. There could be an invasion or a knock knock knock …Read the Rest

Trump Just Gave Every Single Veteran His Number – Here’s What He Telling Them To Call For

President Donald Trump who is committed to improving conditions for veterans has now announced a new “Veterans Complaint Hotline.” All …Read the Rest

Traumatized Professor Comes Forward With What 50 Racist Black Students Did To Him On ‘Day Without Whites’

Over the past week, a racist mob of black students at Evergreen State College have been plotting a sick way to …Read the Rest

Look What’s Happening To Every Illegal Who Re-Entered U.S. Illegally – This Is The BEST News Ever!

Since they now we don’t have the Charlatan Barack ‘Hussein” Obama who preferred Illegal Aliens instead of law-abiding American citizens, …Read the Rest

Melania Just Moved Into White House And Pissed Michelle Off With The Very First Thing She Did

After Donald Trump was elected, Melania Trump made the wise decision to stay behind in order to allow Barron Trump …Read the Rest