Before Barack Obama left office, he secretly funneled billions of dollars to radical anti-Trump groups, who are now serving as the militant arm of his shadow government. Obama’s pet project is now fully blossoming, as we see rabid anti-Trump groups like Antifa, MoveOn, Our Revolution, Indivisible, CREDO making up Obama’s “resistance movement,” who are now doing everything in their power to cause chaos and bring President Trump down. Now in the light of President Trump taking a sledge hammer to Obama’s “legacy” of Obamacare, Obama is massively pissed. And as a way to get revenge on Trump and everyone who supports him, Obama and his lefists are now plotting to “make Independence Day a living hell for Republicans, in an anti-American move that will leave you speechless.

July 4th is a sacred holiday for many Americans, and a day that ALL AMERICANS should come together to celebrate our independence from the tyrants who once controlled us, despite being a Republican or Democrat. But because of the massive amount of patriotism and love for country that goes along with July 4th celebrations, liberals across the nation are now dubbing the holiday a “Republican holiday,” since naturally, these anti-American morons aren’t too thrilled about spending the day waving American flags around and celebrating our country.

So in a disgusting attempt to get back at Trump and Republicans for destroying Obamacare, nasty liberals across the nation have now announced their plans to hijack the day, where they’ve promised to make Independence Day “a living hell for Republicans” with left-leaning groups promising to interrupt parades and celebrations to make the day all all about their temper tantrum over Obamacare. According to the Daily Beast:

As the July 4th recess approaches, progressive political organizations like MoveOn, Our Revolution, Indivisible and CREDO, among others, are planning to keep up their momentum with peaceful protests at local Republican senators’ offices, floods of phone calls and even appearances at local Independence Day parades.

“Republican senators have demonstrated that their number one goal in health care reform is avoiding any public interaction with their constituents,” Ben Wikler, the Washington director for the political advocacy group MoveOn told The Daily Beast in a phone interview.

Which is why, he said, activists will attempt to get face time with them along July 4th parade routes and other public appearances in their home states. The goal is to ensure that the senators who have said they would not vote for the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the Senate’s repeal bill, stick to their word and that any senator who has yet to weigh in, joins their colleagues in voting no.

“The line that these senators need to draw is that they won’t vote for any bill that will throw people off their coverage,” Wikler said. “That’s why a bill that is essentially giant cuts to Medicaid to fund tax cuts for the wealthy is flawed to its core.”

That’s cute that these nasty liberals promising “peaceful protests.” When’s the last time you’ve ever witnessed the left conduct a “peaceful protest?” (Sorry liberals..beating the crap out of Trump supporters with metal poles and hurling your feces at cops does not constitute a “peaceful protest.”

You know that Obama’s dirty fingerprints are all over this, as this treasonous moron has constantly been behind the scenes orchestrating massive chaos ever since Trump got into office. Don’t forget Obama funneled billions to these anti-Trump groups on the very last days he left office. Judicial Watch was the first to uncover the scandal, where Tom Fitton told Fox News after the discovery was made:

“Advocates for big government and progressive power are using the Justice Department to extort money from corporations. It’s a shakedown. It’s corrupt, pure and simple.” Fitton went on to suggest that the “spontaneous” demonstrations we’ve seen springing up around the nation by these left-leaning groups are connected to the massive infastructure that Obama has created via his DOJ slush fund:

“The protests are as organic as a plastic cup,” he said. “There is a massive left-wing infrastructure in place trying to protect the monstrous government created by the Obama administration.”

It’s pretty cute that Obama really thinks he’s going to ruin Independence Day for Republicans with his radical and violent thugs. What a freaking joke this man is that he can’t just go on with his life and now spends every waking moment obsessing about how to take down his successor. But since liberals want to label Independence Day a “Republican holiday,” make sure you do it up right this year and deck yourself out in red, white, and blue, while being obnoxious as possible about your love for America. The best way to get back at these morons is to keep kicking their asses and undoing every last “legacy” that’s left of Obama with the biggest smile on our faces and the biggest flag our arms can carry. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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