The Obamas vacation just came to an abrupt halt, at least for Michelle Obama, who abandoned her family in Indonesia and took a lot with her. As Barack and the couple’s two daughters, Sasha and Malia, continue on their own without her, visiting all of the major tourist attraction that the Muslim nation has to offer. Michelle was nowhere be to be seen for several hours after what recently came out and now we know why.

It’s another day in paradise for the Obamas who travel more than anything else, the only thing strange about it this time is that they bothered to bring their daughters along. The family vacation seemed to be going just fine the first week until Michelle left them all and took off on her own, but didn’t leave empty handed.

As we reported on Wednesday, Michelle and the girls were seen at the Tirta Empul Hindu Temple donning traditional yellow sarongs to show respect for the religion. Michelle didn’t seem to care for rules and customs when it came to her trip to Italy where she visited an ancient holy Catholic cathedral which has a very staunch dress code. The entitled former first lady disregarded that and dressed like she was going clubbing, showing a major lack of respect to Catholics in the process. The difference between the two holy site visits seemed to suggest where her real religious beliefs are, contrary to the family claiming that they’re Christian.

The actual religious beliefs of the Obamas remain a mystery, although there seems to be pretty significant evidence which proves Barack is a Muslim and follower of Islam. His favor of these people and protection of them certainly adds to that assumption, since in his eyes, it seemed they could do no wrong, regardless of how many terrorist attacks took place in the name of Allah on his watch. However, just hours after these photos surfaced from the Tirta temple, Michelle disappeared from the trip while Barack and the girls toured more temples in the Southeast Asian country.

Opposing Views reports:

Former U.S. President Barack Obama and his family continued their excursion through the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia June 29, visiting temples in the region and taking several photographs. Notably absent from the troop during a recent temple visit, however, was former first lady Michelle Obama.After examining photographs of the family’s trip to Indonesia, Daily Mail pointed out that Michelle was not pictured in any of the photos taken during the most recent visit to the Prambanan Temple in Central Java.

After examining photographs of the family’s trip to Indonesia, Daily Mail pointed out that Michelle was not pictured in any of the photos taken during the most recent visit to the Prambanan Temple in Central Java. Mr. Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia were both present at the tour, but the former first lady was not. 

Although no specific reason was given why Michelle decided to go solo, we know where she showed up and was surrounded by ample personal security. The family’s incredibly long vacation was complete with 650 security guards who came along to watch and protect their every step. It’s far more than was necessary and is paid for by the American people, some who complained endlessly about Melania and Barron Trump’s security detail while staying back in New York City for the remainder of the school year. The current first lady and son didn’t have nearly as much as the Obamas did while on a post-White House vacation.

The Obamas spent five days on the resort island of Bali before returning to the mainland of Indonesia for more traditional sightseeing. The family visited historic cities Yogyakarta and Magelang June 28, where Mr. Obama was pictured walking the steps of the Borobudur temple. Borobudur, an 8th-century Buddhist temple and the largest Buddhist temple in the world, is Indonesia’s biggest tourist attraction, Opposing Views continued.

Michelle and the former president were pictured together June 28, wearing upscale evening clothes while out in Yogyakarta, according to The Guardian. Considering how highly photographed the family has been during their vacation, it is likely that Michelle did not accompany the family during their visit to the Prambanan Temple June 29.
As it turns out, Michelle didn’t want to do what the rest of her family was engrossed in on their vacation. She seemingly decided to go off on her own somewhere else in Indonesia for some private time away from them and the press. With exclusivity comes extensive security to ensure that privacy which was so well guarded that there was no site or sound of her after she mysteriously disappeared.

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