The United States continuing War on Terror has taken on many forms, but it’s still not won. There is still an enemy that must be fought, and unfortunately, we are dealing with the possibility of it growing within our own borders as the religion of Islam continues to grow. The middle east is becoming less and less inhabitable as the affects of this horrible religion spread and degrades the area like a parasite, determined to suck it’s host dry.

The backward lifestyle that this pervasive religion requires has crippled, and in some cases, destroyed most of the middle eastern countries and now they’re going to have to find other places to ravage in order to keep the monster alive. The takeover of Europ is well under way, and many Muslims have their sights set on the white whale of countries; the United States. I can only guess that’s because we have stood both for personal freedoms and for the freedom of Isreal, and that’s never set well with Muslims.

At this point in our history, it would be a terrible idea to let the ideology of hate take hold in any of the places where the impressionable or less than savory gather, but that’s just what we’re doing. It’s coming to light that the prisons are being taken over by Muslims, and not because we’relocking them up. Because they’re converting the inmates, convincing them to be nice enough to get paroled, and then we release them into the wild to go join ISIS and try to take over the country. The plan is both brilliant and deviant at the same time.

From the Investigative Project:

“Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, also known as Asad al Salaam, is an employee of the Muslim Chaplain Services of Virginia. He is licensed in the state as an Islamic clergyman authorized to perform marriages and other religious ceremonies. He has been issued a statewide pass to enter any VADOC [Virginia Department of Corrections] facility and speak with inmates. He is currently teaching a class in Arabic for inmates. He is also an ex-offender. While that in itself is not unusual, many ex-offenders, in a desire to give back and help others in similar situations, have successfully done so. This particular ex-offender, Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, (FBI # 939113RA3), is quite unique.

“Abdel Zaben, a Palestinian, was born in Jordan in 1969. He illegally entered the United States in 1990, arrested by the NYPD in 1993 for Kidnapping and Robbery, and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Zaben was also the target of an investigation by the Joint Terrorism Task Force who had received confidential information that he had sworn allegiance to Osama bin Laden and was recruiting disenfranchised inmates to his group for training and to fight in the Jihad. At the time he first met with Edwin Lemmons, Zaben worked as a clerk for the prison’s Islamic Chaplain . For the next two years he tutored Lemmons in both Arabic and the Koran. When the time for Lemmons’ release from prison drew near, inmate Zaben provided him with names and contact information of individuals in the Middle East who would assist Lemmons in his travel and studies.

“Following his release, in the fall of 1998, Lemmons had his parole supervision transferred to Florida, and enrolled in the Islamic Center of Gainesville. In March 2000, Lemmons made his first trip overseas to the Middle East. Upon his return from Jordan through New York’s JFK Airport and then on to Gainesville, Florida, he approached the president of the Islamic center and asked about fighting in the jihad overseas. The then-president, Mohamed Bahmaid, in an interview with members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, stated that he tried to discourage Lemmons from any future overseas travel. Lemmons did not heed his advice. Four months later Lemmons made another trip overseas, this time to Egypt. He stayed for three months and while there, according to a reliable source who knew both Lemmons and Zaben, he received “underground tactical training.”

“. . . on September 6, 2003, members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Lemmons in the Orlando airport as he returned from yet another trip to the Middle East. He was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. But this was no ordinary gun case. This was the result of a joint investigation dubbed “Operation Hades” which included investigators from my Office, the NYPD, the NYSP, and the JTTF. The goal of the investigation was to determine the level of Islamic radicalization in the prison system both here and abroad and also to identify and neutralize any radicalizing influences.

“The question arises as to why the Muslim Chaplains Services of Virginia would hire someone holding such extremist views. Perhaps they were unaware of Lemmons’ background, or perhaps they share the same beliefs as Mr. Lemmons. The MCSVA is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2003 whose stated mission is “to serve incarcerated individuals, ex-offenders, and their families.” To accomplish that goal, MCSVA has received funding from various organizations including the Islamic Relief (IRUSA), an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Its former global affiliate and current partner organization Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) was banned from operating in Israel on allegations the charity funneled funds to Hamas. Later the same year, the United Arab Emirates declared IRW to be a terrorist group.

“Allowing an individual with such radical Islamic views to meet, teach, and influence a particularly vulnerable group of society, incarcerated men and women, is in direct opposition to the FBI’s Correctional Intelligence Initiative which seeks to detect, deter, and disrupt the level of violent extremism and radicalization in correctional institutions. It specifically speaks of preventing un-vetted religious clergy and volunteers with extremist views from any interaction with inmates. The DOJ Inspector General’s Office has also spoken of this security concern. That inmates could be radicalized while incarcerated and then carry out terrorist attacks after release is a very real concern both here and in abroad.”

The stupidity of this oversight is staggering. While many will cry that this is all about freedom of religion and we can’t step on that right, I would ask you to consider that this is basically a gang masquerading as a religion. Nobody would let Black Lives Matters recruiters or MS13 reps have one on one time with the prisons to “give them purpose.” There’s such a thing as giving someone the wrong purpose. Just because you’ve got a reason to get out of bed in the morning, doesn’t mean the reason is something that we should get behind.

If a religion is actively preaching something that goes against the laws of the land, it seems to me that it shouldn’t get to send emissaries into the prisons to recruit those already prone to break the law.

(H/T: Pamela Geller)

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