There is nothing better in my opinion than a good murder mystery novel to solve. I have always enjoyed sitting down with a good book and following the twists and turns till the evil doer is discovered. However, while those are just works of fiction there are real life cases that send chills up my spine. One case, in particular, is the unsolved murder of Seth Rich and how it ties to Hillary Clinton.

Let me refresh your memory if you are a little sketchy on the details about the Seth Rich case. Last year, Rich was found murdered in a Washington D.C. park in what police have called a robbery gone wrong. What was suspicious about this “robbery” was that he watch, wallet and cellphone were still found on his person. But, that is not all that was rather odd about this case.

You see, Rich was a disgruntled DNC staffer and an avid Bernie Sander supporter. People close to him said that Rich was angry that Clinton had stolen the Democratic nomination from Sanders. It was reported that Rich then sent 44,000 DNC emails to WikiLeaks which showed the corruption of the Democrat party.

As Freedom Daily reported previously:

Wikileaks has just come out and confirmed that Democratic staffer, Seth Rich, who was mysteriously murdered in July of last year, was indeed a source for them, and a DNC Leak. Words are just words, and no one will believe it unless there is proof to back up the claim.

Now they say they have the proof.

Wikileaks discharged a bunch of direct messages from the supposed “Russian spy” Guccifer 2.0.

Guccifer had been texting back & forth with actress-model Robbin Young. Young had a role as a “Bond Girl” in the movie For Your Eyes Only, and a part in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and Night Shift, amongst other titles. She has also been featured numerous times in the men’s magazine, Playboy.

Eventually, Guccifer & Young’s conversation led to the murdered DNC leaker:

Back in November, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, said that Russia was not the culprit that was hacking into the DNC servers… Now, whether you trust the word of a hacker/whistleblower is up to you.

Guccifer openly declares he is not the person who “hacked” the DNC that the media went on about. He claims that it was a DNC whistleblower named “Seth.”

If you recall, the DNC wouldn’t allow the FBI to investigate their servers… Is this one of the reasons why? It’s very possible.

Rich was murdered in Washington DC on On July 8, 2016. Whoever did it, scuffled with him, put two bullets in his back, and took absolutely nothing from his body, Rich’s wallet, phone, and watch were all still on his person.

After Rich was killed, people on social media researched the case and were convinced that Rich was on his way to the FBI. Many believed he was going to talk to agents about an “ongoing court case” – one the Clintons may have been named in.

These emails are in part what destroyed the Clinton machine and of course, sent Cryptkeeper Clinton into a frenzied rage. For months, we have heard that these emails were hacked by the Russians, but we all know that is completely false. For close to a year, we have waited for information on the Seth Rich murder case to be revealed, and now a witness has stepped forward with a new shocking detail.

A video has emerged that shows a man named Mark Mueller claiming to have seen Seth Rich after he was shot. 

Mark Mueller

Mueller says that the police walked Seth Rich past him and said that Rich ‘didn’t even know he was shot’.

That certainly opens the door for a lot of questions if you ask me.

Here is a tweet from the police department after Seth Rich was shot.

Here is another tweet from Scott Roberts who claims to be a neighbor. Could this possibly be Mark Mueller?

Here is a full video on a vigil that was held for Rich where Debbie Wasserman Schultz was also in attendance. The eyewitnesses testimony begins at 6:29 into the video.

What is interesting to note about Rich’s case is that he was still alive when he was found by police. Now, that is a HUGE detail that has been overlooked but that is not all that is strange. The police who found Rich were wearing body cameras and the video from that night is mysteriously gone.

Here is an image from that report.

I don’t know about you, but that does raise a lot of questions for me.

Is it possible that Rich may have uttered who did this to him and it being covered up? At this point, anything is possible in this strange murder case. I just wonder if we will ever find out the truth, or if it will always be a mystery.

In any event, I hope that Mark Mueller stays safe because if he knows anything I am sure someone will silence him too. 


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