This is unbelievable. The Muslim scumbag mayor of London is giving the United States President Donald Trump advice on how not to offend Muslims? What? Does he not know who he is talking to?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan actually had the cojones to call out Donald Trump’s “ignorant” view of Islam. Adding that it could prompt more attacks on the United States. Sounds like a threat to me, does he know something we don’t know?

The Muslim scumbag went on to say “It risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of extremists.” Alienating then how? The way they celebrate quietly when westerners die while they deflect the blame on Israel or that we want their oil?

Islamist attacks in the 21st century


7 July 2005: 7 July bombings: A series of four coordinated suicide attacks in central London in which three bombs exploded on Underground trains between Aldgate and Liverpool Street stations, Russell Square and King’s Cross St. Pancras stations and Edgware Road and Paddington stations. A double-decker bus at Tavistock Square was also destroyed. The bombs were detonated by four British Islamist suicide bombers. The explosions killed 52 people and resulted in over 700 injuries.

21 July 2005: 21 July attempted bombings: Four more bombings, unconnected with those on 7 July, were attempted on 21 July 2005 at Shepherd’s Bush, Warren Street and Oval stations, as well as on a bus in Shoreditch. In these incidents, each bomb detonator fired, but did not ignite the main explosive charge.


29 June 2007: 2007 London car bombs: Two unexploded car bombs were discovered in London. The first device was found in a car parked near the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket. Two large gas canisters and a large number of nails were found in the car. The second device was left in a blue Mercedes-Benz saloon in nearby Cockspur Street but was not discovered until after the car had been towed away as it was found to be illegally parked.


22 May 2013: Murder of Lee Rigby: A British Army soldier, Fusilier Drummer Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was attacked and killed by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, southeast London.


On 20 October 2016, police conducted a controlled explosion on an Improvised explosive device at North Greenwich after a passenger spotted an unattended bag filled with “wires and an alarm clock” aboard a Jubilee line train. The bomb failed to go off, and police said that it could have caused casualties had it exploded. The media and Government of the day referred to the events as a “lapse of security” and the “most serious incident on the Tube since the 21/7 attempted bombing”. It was later revealed that the bomber, Damon Smith, had “an interest in Islam” and had posed next to a photo of an Islamic extremist – although the judge in his case believed that he was not motivated by terrorism, but could not determine what his real motive was “with any degree of clarity or certainty”.


22 March 2017: In a terrorist incident in Westminster at around 2:40pm GMT, specifically on Westminster Bridge and at the Palace of Westminster, Khalid Masood, wearing black, drove a vehicle into several pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, crashing the car into the Palace’s perimeter fence. The attacker then exited the vehicle, proceeding to stab a police officer who was outside of the Palace. About 40 people were injured and there were six fatalities (including one police officer and the perpetrator).

3 June 2017: A terrorist incident in which a van with 3 perpetrators inside was driven into pedestrians on London Bridge at 9:58pm GMT. After exiting the vehicle, attackers stabbed people in pubs and restaurants around Borough Market before being shot dead by police at 10:16pm. At least 10 people (including the attackers) died and 48 people got injured as a result of the incident.

He actually finished off his lecture by saying “Donald Trump and those around him think that Western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam – London has proved him wrong.” Yeah, with 3 deadly attacks within the last 73 days we can all see London is an example of the way you are supposed to treat “peaceful” Muslims.

Who does this two-bit Muslim mayor think he’s talking to? Hey Tarek, Abdula, Falafel, or whatever your name is. You don’t lecture our President on how to appease anyone. The real Muslim extremists are the peaceful ones and you know it. The United States and our President, Donald Trump, will not stand to have the same quality of life that London now enjoys. London has managed to make themselves Tel Aviv. Although Tel Aviv had no choice, London did it to themselves. Just keep appeasing, see how many more infidels will die until people start admitting to themselves that the bumper sticker “Coexist” was just crap someone came up with to make a buck.

Islam isn’t compatible with the Western World and we will not appease them. Until the day comes that we have a total and complete surrender from “The Religion of Peace.” We will call that satanic religion what it is.

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