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BREAKING: Terror Threat Released For This Major US City During Muslim Holiday Of Ramadan

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Trump Just Landed From Overseas Trip And Shocked Everyone With What He Brought Back Home

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15 Pics From Melania’s First Presidential Trip Show One Thing She Was Hiding in Plain Sight The Whole Time

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Melania Posed For Pic In Royal Residence And Everyone Immediately Noticed One Shocking Thing In It

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Trump Just Gave Muslim Terrorists 27 ‘Gifts’ They’ll Never Forget After Killing 22 People At Concert

A terrorist detonated an explosive device at an Ariana Grande concert in the Manchester Arena and killed 22 people while …Read the Rest

DHS Chief Just Released A Terrifying Statement That Will Make You Never Want To Go Outside Again

Memorial Day weekend begins today. People use this as a weekend to party, eat cheap hot dogs, do keg stands, …Read the Rest

While Obama Is Following Trump Around On Overseas Trip He Missed What Just Happened At His House

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Melania Just Got Out Of Car At G7 Summit And Shocks Everyone With What’s In Her Hand

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Pissed Off Soldiers Just Got EPIC Revenge On Muslims With What They Put On Missile They Dropped On Them

Four days after another Muslim went on a massive killing spree, we are learning more sickening details about Salman Abedi who …Read the Rest

On the Eve of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Another Attack on Egypt’s Christian Copts.

Washington, DC, May 26,  –IDC condemns the heinous attack on Egyptian Coptic Christians that occurred today in southern Egypt, leaving …Read the Rest