A terrorist detonated an explosive device at an Ariana Grande concert in the Manchester Arena and killed 22 people while injuring many more.  Something else happened that day that involved a massive amount of destruction. Coalition military forces, lead by American soldiers, blasted 37 ISIS targets using 18 strikes in war-torn Syria.

If this keeps happening, then there won’t be much left of Syria or Ariana Grande. If that’s what it takes, then fine. Terrorists can have her. I would gladly accept world peace for a donation of one Ariana Grande. If I’m not mistaken, then I believe she said a while back that she didn’t like America and wanted some of her fans to be be lifeless. If it makes more sense for the world to give her up to terrorists, then go for it.

The attacks on ISIS left vehicles, weapons, and oil supplies damaged or destroyed. Too bad Ariana Grande’s last album wasn’t in the mix.

On the same day a suicide bomber committed a horrific attack in Manchester, England, American-led military fighters conducted 27 air strikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, the U.K. Daily Express reported.

The suicide bombing in the U.K. killed 22 and injured dozens of others, including young children. Unfortunately, those lives can never be brought back but our military made sure that Islamic State group fighters are paying dearly.

“Coalition military fighters hammered 37 ISIS targets with 18 strikes in Syria — obliterating oil supplies, vehicles and weapons caches,” the U.K. Daily Star reported.

This is like Shaquille O’Neal playing basketball vs a third grader. While the little kid might score a basket here or there, Shaq will easily slam dunk the boy through the hoop if he needs to. Might take an arrow to the knee, but that’s just a flesh wound. At the end of the day, the military giants will prevail and destroy anything in their path. If that’s what it takes, then they’ll do it and Trump will pull the trigger.

Another nine strikes in Iraq hit even more targets.

“Nine strikes hit 62 ISIS targets in Iraq,” the Daily Star reported, “destroying an array of deadly weapons including rocket systems, vehicle bombs, machine guns and grenade launches.”

At what point does ISIS run out of supplies and people? There’s a lot of bombing going on and I’m sure the American military, as well as other military forces, have lots of advanced weaponry they want to play with. If ISIS keeps playing around with their homemade devices and other weapons, then they’ll likely face a barrage of military responses from various countries. It would only be a matter of time until their supplies and soldiers are depleted.

President Donald Trump delivered a message from Bethlehem during his first international trip, calling the Manchester perpetrators “evil losers.”

“I won’t call them monsters because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name,” the president said. “I will call them from now on losers because that is what they are, they are losers.”

Trump blasted terrorists by calling them losers. He refused to call them monsters or anything that sounded more “cool” or “edgy” because the terrorists might enjoy that or consider it a complement. Trump wants to play psychological games with ISIS and demean them while they’re planning their next attack. Mental and military attacks paired together to completely annihilate an enemy seem like a brutal combination that would leave people depressed and injured.

Time will tell if the strategy works against terrorism. If they want to use psychology against terrorists, then show them some videos of Dan Bilzerian. He’s hung out with hundreds of beautiful women. Tell terrorists that they can have this life too if they stop harming people, groom their beard, hit the gym, and buy a boat. They might have to get a normal job if they’re bad at poker and don’t ever hit the lottery. But, a dead terrorist can’t get any women. If I was a terrorist and saw Dan’s videos, then I’d take that suicide vest off, shave my chest, drink protein shakes, go to college, and become a millionaire. Having life goals only works when you have a life. Blowing yourself up takes away all chances of being a millionaire.

Girls love millionaires, not terrorists.

Be more like Dan Bilzerian and less like a terrorist.


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