Time and time again, John Kasich proves that he has no real loyalty to the Republican Party. Recently, he criticized millions of Americans, saying they were somehow ‘failing as Christians’ because they voted for Donald Trump. His controversial opinions are laid out in his new book “Two Paths: America Divided or United.”

Kasich argues that Trump only won the election because we are ‘spiritually declining as a nation.’

“I happen to believe that you can’t guide an entire society without a shared religious foundation,” Kasich wrote. “I saw Trump’s reckless entreaties as a weakening of our shared American values—even more so, a coarsening of our shared American values…Donald Trump gave the impression of a man who would do or say anything to get attention, even incite a crowd to violence.”

After insulting their intelligence and moral integrity, Kasich then made a desperate attempt to appeal to Trump voters.

“What the voters were telling us in this election as that they were angry, that they were feeling that their lives were out of control, that there was a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in the heartland,” Kasich wrote.

What do you think of Kasich’s comments?

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