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Nancy Pelosi Tied To SICKENING Child Sex Ring After Her Scandalous Skeletons Finally Come Out Of The Closet

I’m sure the ol’ rubber face Nancy Pelosi didn’t want this news slipping out. This could be HUGE in the …Read the Rest

Seconds After ESPN Laid Off MASSIVE Amount Of Employee’s, SICK Celebration Proves REAL Reason For Layoffs

ESPN has become the EMBARRASSING SPORTS POSSIBLE NETWORK to me. On a day when they’ve laid off 100 employees thanks …Read the Rest

Everyone Is Talking About What Melania Trump Just Did At The White House Today That Took Citizens By Complete Surprise

Melania Trump just did something awesome in the White House today. Let’s preface her doing by asking you about something …Read the Rest

ALERT: Mother’s Day SCAM From Well-Known American Company Leaves MILLIONS In Danger

With the unsettling political atmosphere we have going on in the world, Americans already have enough issues and stresses on their …Read the Rest

North Korea Just Issued Their SICKEST Threat Yet Of How They’re Going To Drop 5 Million Nukes

Several days ago, President Trump received an urgent warning that Kim Jong un was in the “final stages” of preparing …Read the Rest

Trump Just Scared The HELL Out Of Kim Jong By Showing Him What A REAL Nuclear Missile Looks Like

In late breaking news, it’s being reported that in an awesome show of force, the United States of America Military …Read the Rest

Ashley Judd Says Muslim Women Have More Rights Than Americans, Watch What Happens Next

When Ashley Judd became an A-list movie star, she fully succumbed to the Hollywood celebrity liberal way of life. For …Read the Rest

Bill Clinton’s Rape Victims Come Back To Haunt Him Relentlessly…

Last week, Bill O’Reilly was fired from his prime-time slot after more than two decades with Fox News. The controversial …Read the Rest

Ivanka Gets Booed During Meeting In Germany… Look How She Responds, This Is Class

This week, Ivanka Trump spoke with Angela Merkel at the Women’s 20 Summit in Berlin. According to reports, the first …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Terror In Florida – 60 Thugs Attack Innocent Bystanders In Mall [WATCH]

This week, disturbing footage of a brawl at a Florida mall involving more than 60 people on Saturday has gone …Read the Rest