Liberal and minority tolerance once again reared its ugly head. This time in majority black Harlem New York. Where a video has surfaced on social media showing a group of white Trump supporters being escorted out of some sort of what appears to be a “Hip Hop” type night club.

Now here is the issue with what looks to have happened in this video. All throughout American history it has been ok for a private business to deny service to anyone at any time. It’s not a fair practice to be able to do that, but it is part of living in a free society. Yes, even a business like the one in this video who clearly caters to the “gangster style” scene should have the right to refuse service to anyone.

The problems with this freedom started to occur when then President Barack Hussein Obama’s administration and judicial activists passing off as judges took it upon themselves to force Christian Bakers to bake cakes for Gay Weddings. Although their strong religious beliefs say this is a sin and they shouldn’t be taking part in this practice.

CBS News reported:

“A suburban Denver baker who wouldn’t make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple cannot cite his religious beliefs in refusing them service because it would lead to discrimination, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.

The decision is the latest victory for gay couples, who have won similar cases in other states. Gay rights supporters and religious freedom advocates have passionately debated whether individuals can cite their beliefs as a basis for declining to participate in a same-sex wedding ceremony.

And it is bound to get more heated after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

In the Colorado case, Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, declined to make a cake for Charlie Craig and David Mullins in 2012. They were married in Massachusetts but planned to celebrate in Colorado.

After the ruling, Phillips faces fines if he refuses to make wedding cakes for gay couples. Phillips has maintained that he has no problem serving gay people at his store but says that making a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding would violate his Christian beliefs.”

The case from Oregon is ever worse:

“An Oregon Christian family has been fined $135,000 for refusing to participate in a homosexual “wedding” ceremony.

Aaron and Melissa Klein ran “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” for seven years in the notoriously left-wing environment of Portland, Oregon. But on January 17, 2013, a lesbian woman asked the Christian couple to bake a cake for their homosexual “marriage” ceremony.

Upon learning the ceremony would be for two women, Aaron said, “I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t waste your time, but we don’t do same-sex marriages” based on his belief in the Bible.

Rachel Bowman-Cryer stormed out. Klein said that later that day, her mother confronted him inside his bakery, saying that “truth had changed” for her.

“She told me that I needed to read my Bible,” he told CNSNews, “and I quoted Leviticus 20:13, at which point she told me I was wrong, and stormed out.”

The next thing the couple knew, Oregon officials had informed them they faced prosecution for violating state law.

Laurel Bowman-Cryer, who is now “married” to Rachel, sent a complaint to the state, saying that Klein “proceeded to say we were abominations unto the lord” (sic). “This is absolutely unacceptable.”

In a subsequent report, the lesbian couple claimed the incident left them feeling “mentally raped.”

They claimed to suffer from 88 separate symptoms of mental anguish – including “surprise,” being “stunned,” experiencing a “dislike of going to work,” and that one or both of them had resumed smoking.

The Kleins, overwhelmed by a social media campaign that led to a lagging wedding business, closed their bakery that September. They briefly moved their business inside their home, but someone broke into their company van and defaced it by scrawling the word “bigot” on the side.

Aaron took a job as a garbage man. They say they are now making about half the income they had been with their bakery.

“Just because I own a business shouldn’t mean that I can’t have a religious belief and be able to practice my religion in my workplace,” Melissa told The Daily Signal, “and I think that everybody should be able to do that.”

State officials said they pursued the case in order to modify the Kleins’ behavior and change their decision to uphold Christian values. Oregon Labor Bureau Commissioner Brad Avakian told local media, “The goal is to rehabilitate. For those who do violate the law, we want them to learn from that experience and have a good, successful business in Oregon.”

“It’s almost as if the state is hostile toward Christian businesses,” Aaron said at the time.

State officials accused them of violating the Oregon Equality Act of 2007, which allows an unelected judge to impose a maximum of $75,000 per petitioner. The state sought the $150,000 maximum.

On Friday, administrative judge Alan McCullough issued a Proposed Order that assessed $135,000, awarding $60,000 to Laurel Bowman-Cryer and $75,000 in damages to Rachel for their suffering. The order is not final, and the final amount could be increased or decreased.

“This amount will financially ruin us,” Melissa Klein wrote on her business’ Facebook page upon learning of the order on Friday.”

The bakers in most of these types of cases have all stated they would close down shop before complying with an order which goes against their religious beliefs.  Sadly many of these have indeed closed up shop or been driven to bankruptcy by legal costs such as what has happened in Oregon. Where the government actually blatantly took it upon themselves to try to “re-educate” the Christian bakers into submission. This is how leftists usually win in court, they drain their prey until they have to give up for monetary reasons.

That club in Harlem can rest easy though. Doubt they will have to worry about the government going after them. Because you know, they are black and they have “unspoken rights” the rest of just don’t have.  Welcome to today’s America!

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