A thug pulled off an armed robbery on April 26th when he pulled a gun at a cashier at Jimmy John’s and immediately demanded money from him. But he failed to rack the slide of his semi-automatic pistol. Regardless he pointed the jammed gun at the cashier who was surprisingly CALM. Now the story is making headlines all across the nation.

It took place at 9:15 pm in Kansas City. Fox 13 reported the robbery suspect was,

wearing a baby blue sweatshirt and black hat.”

The suspect tried ordering food and then holding up the cashier despite the fact the bullet was jammed between the slide and the barrel’s chamber. It doesn’t seem like the cashier could even tell. Wonder how he would have dealt with it if he knew the bullet was jammed and thus the gun didn’t work temporarily?  Watch below as the cashier dealt with the situation extraordinarily well.

As the suspect went from pretending to order food to fooling around with his pocket, to holding him at gunpoint the cashier,

“simply takes his gloves off, takes the money out of the register and hands it to the suspect, without any change in his demeanor whatsoever.”

The video also shows the cashier trying to give the suspect the entire box from the register but the suspect denied it and asked for the cash instead. During the video, the suspect can also be seen pointing the gun at another employee who is completely out of view. The suspect was later detained on Friday after a police investigation. But police did not note whether the cashier knew the gun was jammed or not. They did, however, note that the thug had a long rap sheet of robberies on his record.

Fortunately, they were able to arrest him mere hours after putting the video up on Facebook and getting tips almost immediately upon their putting it online. You’ve got to love the power of social media. This is pretty extraordinary.

The cashier was twenty-four year old Tuker Murray who is the assistant manager at the store. Murray said the following about the incident,

““He walked in like a normal customer and proceeded to order a sandwich and asked what kind of cheese we have and what type of chips. I never really felt threatened. I’ve been saying that all day and it feels like something stupid to say when there’s a gun pointed at your head, but I never really got the feeling that he was actually going to do anything.”

The funniest part of the video was that as the cashier got calmer and calmer the robber got more and more agitated as the event went on and on. Despite the fact he had numerous robberies on his record even the cashier told reporters he was shocked because it seemed like his first time.

It is always nice to see the bad guy arrested in the end. It’s also nice to have a funny story to remind us how absurd the world is when everything else around us is so serious.

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