Michelle Obama tried tackling the tough topic of school lunches when she instituted her “free healthy lunch” program in public schools. To say the food was bad is an understatement. There’s a huge difference between healthy and edible, and Michelle Obama’s school lunches were neither of the two. Her school lunch program is so bad that the poor kids don’t even eat this food. They literally take the food from the lunch lady and throw it right in a trash can. They’ll keep the cardboard carton of milk of course, if they’re lucky to get that, because that is a staple in everyone’s school lunch history. Nothing wrong with some good ol’ fashioned milk in a carton unless you’re allergic to it. Then you get the iced tea in the carton!

To say Michelle Obama’s lunch program was a fail is putting it lightly. You know it’s bad when poor people would rather starve then scarf down something from her menu.

The word on the street is that the program will finally get scrapped. Good grief, that was awful and thankfully we can get back to making school lunches great again. I’m all for eating healthy, but you cannot say any of the food in the pictures below look either healthy or inviting to sink your teeth in. We don’t need free lunches that contain lobster tails and sushi, but how do you mess up chicken nuggets or cheap hot dogs/hamburgers? This is simply embarrassing and it’s no wonder the kids would rather starve or live a life eating Hot Cheetos instead of these dumpster delights.

What part of that was the quesadilla? Those are easy to make! Slap some cheese between two tortillas and you have a cheese quesadilla. How do you screw that up?

Please tell me this is the one grill that only has half the burners working. It literally looks like they cooked exactly half of the burger, while the other side was left raw and only received a smidgen of heat. I could cook this better by putting it on the hood of someone’s car in rush hour.

They could’ve at least acted like they cared by placing a nugget on each of the two empty spaces. They can’t even figure out what foam tray to use. You know what goes in those other two spaces? Real food!

We are so cheap that offering a WHOLE kiwi is too much. Your sad hamburger comes with exactly one ketchup packet. Good luck on your way to being the most healthy student in history. If you’re too cheap to offer a whole kiwi, then at least give students a banana. Those are $0.49 per pound in my town. You could feed the entire school a fresh fruit for dirt cheap instead of being cheap and cutting kiwi in half. This is embarrassing.

What’s for lunch today? It’s whatever hamburgers are left over from yesterday, reheated and smashed with leftover corn and mashed potatoes. It looks like it was scraped from the bottom of a dumpster. Of course, it comes with the same uneaten roll that all the students get. I’m sure they love it.

Now that looks good! Too bad that’s not in America.

Students around the country will cheer when the Michelle Obama lunch program is gone. It’s literally the worst thing to happen to school lunches in history. It’s the food equivalent of her husband’s health care system. If there’s one legacy that the Obama’s have, it is that both of them have created the WORST of something in the country.

But now, all that is about to be a thing of the past, The Hill reports.

Newly minted Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is expected to unveil a new rule Monday aimed at giving schools more flexibility in meeting federal nutrition standards for school lunches.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced Friday that Perdue and Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) will make the announcement at the Catoctin Elementary School in Leesburg, Va., where they are expected to eat lunch with the students.

Republicans have long been trying to dial back the standards that became a pillar of former first lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to curb childhood obesity in the U.S.

Roberts introduced legislation with Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) last year to give schools two more years to meet new reductions on sodium, but the bill never passed.

Renewed efforts to ease the federal standards came as disappointing news to some advocates.

There’s something to be thankful of. Make lunch great again.

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