It seems sometimes when the country takes two steps forward they also take a few back. That is certainly the feeling one gets when watching a video that recently went viral of four people getting into a physical altercation at the Department of Social Services. A group of African American men and women could be seen screaming and yelling at one another before starting to fight while waiting in line for their food stamps.

The now viral video shows two larger women yelling at each other but they are incoherent and it is unknown what they are actually arguing about. After a few minutes of cussing a woman in purple spandex attacks the other woman while a few men just look on and videotape the altercation.

All these people watching did nothing! They just stood there and videotaped it! They didn’t even call the police and the police were only notified because Fox News placed it on one of their local outlets. Security guards were eventually able to come in and stop the altercation.

Which is a good thing because the mayor reported that one girl wanted to get scissors before the fight ended to physically mutilate the other girl. It’s a good thing Security eventually stopped the fight. Behavior like this should result in them losing any welfare benefits or privileges they have for life. Actions have consequences and stuff like this should not be tolerated in the least bit.

This behavior isn’t remotely shocking though. Welfare benefits were abused under the Obama administration and it’s going to to take more than one hundred days to destroy the entitlement culture he created. While he was in office 3.5 percent of Americans lived below the poverty line. While the national debt was around $10.16 trillion.

The worst statistic of all was in reference to food stamps. A total of 33 million Americans were covered by food stamps supplied and paid for by the government before he took office and after he took office 43 million were covered. Meaning he increased the percentage of people covered by food stamps by a whopping 39.5 percent!

This is why we also have rampant welfare fraud when it comes to food stamps. Their are so many cases that federal prosecutors have to deal with of people selling fold stamps for money. These are crimes that lead to serious criminal charges and hefty prison sentences. They are only able to sell them because they have easy access to them. If they did not have easy access they wouldn’t be able to commit food stamp fraud.

NBC 2 reported how bad it is in just one state, Florida:

More people in Southwest Florida are being criminally charged with welfare fraud, according to an analysis of court records by the NBC2 Investigators.

The majority of the people charged are accused of falsifying financial information when applying for the SNAP program, more commonly known as food stamps.

Florida Department of Children and Families Secretary Mike Carroll tells NBC2 his agency works vigorously to weed out welfare fraud to maintain the integrity of the system for people who actually need it.

“It’s designed to make sure folks have healthy foods on their table,” Carroll said.

“Every time I talk about this subject, I get a little bit wary because our efforts are not aimed at the millions of folks in this state who need this assistance for their families.”

Carroll says thanks to more information sharing and technology within the state, DCF has been able to prevent more fraud from occurring. In the last fiscal year, they estimate preventing $32 million of fraud by denying SNAP applications.

But if applicants get by the vetting process, it’s up to the Division of Public Assistance Fraud (DPAF) to get the money back.

“Our primary role is looking at recipients who are committing the trafficking,” said Division Director Jack Heacock.

Heacock says the most common form of fraud is people fudging their financial or household information when applying for or renewing their SNAP benefits.

“False reporting, when they apply for benefits they don’t tell the whole truth,” Heacock said.

NBC2 started tracking local court cases to see how Heacock’s team is doing.

From 2012 to 2014, 31 people were charged with welfare fraud in Lee, Charlotte, and Collier counties.

That number has nearly doubled in recent years. Since 2015, 71 people have been charged with welfare fraud, almost all of it from false reporting.

“We’re pursuing it more,” Heacock said.

“We don’t go after misdemeanor cases. We only go after felony cases.”

The results are easy to see.

DPAF discovered $20,719,036 in fraud in FY 2015-16. Compare that to just $5,527,677 in FY 2010-11.

President Obama allowed the food stamp culture to permeate our culture which by extension perpetuated an entitlement culture. Which led to the acceptance of the type of behavior seen in his video. That behavior is totally unacceptable. President Trump would never tolerate this type of behavior. You won’t be seeing this much longer under his administration.

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