This month has been fairly chaotic for Fox News, especially following their controversial decision to let Bill O’Reilly go. Not only have liberals been attacking every male anchor on the show, but the scheduling of programming has shifted significantly. With O’Reilly out of the picture, Tucker Carlson has taken over his 9 PM time slot. The Five has been moved to 9 PM—and no longer includes Eric Bolling.

But Bolling is reportedly getting his own show during the 5 o’clock time slot. He will co-host “Fox News Specialists” with Kat Timpf and Eboni K Williams. The trio hinted that they are going to be interviewing the president very soon.

“I’m going to interview him live from D.C. on Monday morning, the president,” Bolling reportedly said. “This is going to be his first business day after the 100-day envelope is gone…We’re going to bring that interview to you at 5:00. I can’t tell you the names or anything else about the show, but it’s going to be hot.”

We hope things go as planned for Bolling. We all know that it is an unsettling time to be a male anchor on Fox News—just ask Sean Hannity and Jesse Watters.

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