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Newt Gingrich Blows Safe Wide Open Exposing James Comey For Who He Really Is Live On Fox

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Trump Stands Up For Secret Service, Does Something Unthinkable No One Has Ever Done

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Obama Loving Welfare Leach Finds Out She’s Not Going To Get Welfare Anymore, Watch Her Reaction [VIDEO]

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Screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ Muslim Migrants Blow Traffic, But Watch What Happens Next [VIDEO]

According to The Gateway Pundit, the city of Clichy, which is located just a few minutes from Paris, spun into …Read the Rest

Meryl Streep Pays Big For Trashing Trump… It’s All Coming Crashing Down For Her

At the beginning of the year, Hollywood star Meryl Streep made headlines for bashing Donald Trump during her speech at …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Devastating Arrest Rocks Democratic Party, Can You Guess Who It Is?

Recently, many conservative outlets ran the story of Rasmea Odeh and how she killed two Jewish students as they were …Read the Rest

Gay Man Demands Muslim Bakery Make His Wedding Cake – Look What Immediately Happened!

We’ve all heard the horrifying stories of Christian businesses being sued for refusing to comply with customers’ demands that go …Read the Rest

White House Rat Has Been Exposed Leaking Information, Here’s Who It Is

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Paul Ryan Career Is Falling Apart, Here’s His Replacement [SEE DETAILS]

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Trump Just Handed Muslim-Loving Merkel A MASSIVE Bill – Look What’s Included On It!

Last week in typical Donald Trump fashion he handed German Prime Minister Angela Merkel a “Bill” asking for back payments …Read the Rest