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Most People Missed National Medal Of Honor Day

The Medal Of Honor is the highest and the most prestigious decoration for valor presented to members of our armed …Read the Rest

Melania Walks In Room During WH Event And Is Horrified To See Who’s Smirking At Her In Crowd

The President and First Lady hosted a beautiful, bipartisan event at the White House earlier this week. For all the …Read the Rest

Christian Daily: Egyptian police disperse angry Muslim mob targeting Christian homes

“Americans need to know that one of the oldest Christian communities in the world is under threat from being completely …Read the Rest

Chicago’s SICK Mayor Just Gave BIG Gift To Muslim Refugees After Teen Was Gang Raped

Liberals truly are a cancer to our society. They never have the best interests of Americans in mind, but continuously romanticize …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Shots Fired Outside U.S. Capitol, Here’s Who Authorities Have In Custody Now

The security breaches in Washington, D.C. continue and have now stepped up a notch to shots being fired down the …Read the Rest

ICE Just Raided Rockville Rapist’s Home And Uncovered SICK Discovery They Didn’t Expect To Find

A while back a fourteen year old girl from Rockville High School was raped. When ICE enforcement officials did a …Read the Rest

CBS News: Dozens In Philly Learn About Struggles Christians Face In The Middle East

“They’re being driven out of their homes, out of their communities, out of their cities,” said Nassif. “We’re here tonight …Read the Rest

Trump Steps Off Air Force One, But If You Look Closely Something Is Very Different [ZOOM]

Throughout his eight years as president, Barack Obama spent millions of dollars on Air Force One. That’s an expense that …Read the Rest

Tucker Carlson Exposes Obama’s Darkest Secret That He Kept Suppressed For His Entire Term

On a recent segment of his show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson hosted former high-ranking career NSA official Bill Binney …Read the Rest

Donald Trump Announces He Is Going To Stop Sharia Law In America Once And For All

For some bizarre reason, liberals seem staunchly opposed to recognizing the true threat that migrants pose to our country. They …Read the Rest