One would think that feminists would rally around other women, right? Well, you would think that, but in this topsy-turvy world, you are very wrong. You see, feminists only rally around women who think EXACTLY like them. So, if you happen to have your own thought process they will shred you faster than you could yell there is no such thing as patriarchy.

That was perfectly depicted yesterday when Melania Trump delivered a beautiful speech at the State Department. The first lady spoke at the Women of Courage Ceremony, encouraging women to be brave and letting them know that they have a voice.

Of course, the liberal rag CNN covered the event and it is clear these fembots were in a conundrum over it. These feminist women wanted to appear tolerant and accepting of Melania since she is a woman, but their hatred for Trump would not allow it.

One CNN guest, named Kate Bower could not mask her disdain for Melania at all. So, Bower took the opportunity to bash the First Lady and then praise Michelle Obama.

Here is the full clip.

In case you missed it this what Kate Bower had to say.

“Well, another author said ‘does she have a low profile?’ No, she has pretty much no profile at this point,” she answered. “I think there is a big question mark about what she’s going to take on.”

“We just saw that she hired a communications director, which I think could make a big difference for her, but by this point in Michelle Obama’s tenure, she had a staff around her. She was very involved. She had graced the covers of magazines and been a real force in Washington, and because Melania Trump doesn’t live here, we don’t see much of her.”

Jealousy much ladies? Seriously gals, you all need to grow up already.

These women were so catty to Melania that they missed what woman empowerment really is. After the event, Melania rushed to take care of her other duties, like being a wife and mother. While the left may demean women who take these roles lightly, Melania does not. And, if these women were truly about empowerment for all women they would be applauding her and not ripping her to shreds.

H/T [ Daily Caller ]

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