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Starbucks Promises To REWARD Customers Who Attack Conservatives, Here’s Their SICK Offer

Starbucks has been getting a little bit of bad press among conservatives lately. Honestly, most of us don’t pay a …Read the Rest

Horrified Citizen Sees What Muslims Do After Hiding In Hallway – Starts Recording In Shock

While liberals adamantly rebuke President Trump’s travel ban targeting travelers and refugees from certain terrorist-tied nations, Muslims already in America are taking …Read the Rest

Trump Sends Urgent Warning To General Flynn About What Democrats Are About To Do To Him And It’s BAD

Ever since Trump got into office, there’s been a concerted effort on the part of foaming-at-the-mouth liberals to bring him down. …Read the Rest

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

On March 28, President Trump signed Senate Bill 305, the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 which designates March 29 …Read the Rest

BOOM! GDP Numbers Have Been Revised, And It’s Every Democrat’s Nightmare

Following the Trump administration coming into office the economy is doing better and better by the day. The gross domestic …Read the Rest

Bill O’Reilly On The Verge Of Being Fired, Calls For Fans Support

Taking things to a new extreme, liberals are demanding that Bill O’Reilly be fired after he made fun of Maxine …Read the Rest

Melania Rushes Out Of Female Empowerment Event After Heinous Thing That Happened To Her

One would think that feminists would rally around other women, right? Well, you would think that, but in this topsy-turvy …Read the Rest

Masked Thugs Get Beating Of A Lifetime With A Trump Flag For Attacking Republican Woman [VIDEO]

Given the hostility being thrown their way almost every day since Clinton lost the election, Trump supporters have banded together. …Read the Rest

Jewelry Store Forced To Apologize After ‘Offending’ Chelsea Clinton With Billboard

This week, a billboard for a North Carolina jewelry store came under fire for supposedly encouraging violence against women. When …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Blacklisted Napolitano Emerges From The Darkness To Fox With Bone Chilling News For Dems

Recently, Judge Andrew Napolitano was criticized by the mainstream media for the strong stand he took in defense of President …Read the Rest