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Melania Trump Shocks Entire Country With Announcement About Her First Order As First Lady

Melania Trump shocked Americans everywhere with her first major decision as First Lady. According to The Chicago Tribune, Melania flew …Read the Rest

Dem Candidate Lets Shocking Admission About Muslims Slip — Immediately Pays BRUTAL Price For It!

I sense some dissension in the ranks of the Democrat party. In the battle to become the next chair of …Read the Rest

Dove Puts Out SICKENING Ad Trashing TRUMP, Pays For It BIG TIME After Millions Are Printed!

Dove recently departed from their anti body-shaming advertising campaign to shame our new president, using and abusing their big business …Read the Rest

Obama Is Royally PISSED When He Finds Out What Israel Just Secretly Did For Trump

Right before leaving office, Barack Obama gave one last gift to the Palestinians, Israel’s #1 enemy. In total, the U.S. …Read the Rest

BAD News For SICK Starbucks After Someone FInds Out What They Were Secretly Forcing Muslim Women To Do!

For whatever reason, Starbucks hasn’t been able to keep their political opinions out of the public sphere. Perhaps it’s because …Read the Rest

To End Another War: Safe Zones, Humanitarian Intervention, and American Interests; An Op-Ed by IDC Vice President and Senior Policy Adviser Andrew Doran

“The Trump administration wasted little time in quelling fears of American isolationism last week when it announced its support for …Read the Rest

Budweiser Airs DISGUSTING Super Bowl Commercial Bashing President Trump, Now They’re Paying For It BIG TIME

Throughout the election, Donald Trump promised that if he became president he would do everything in his power to “make …Read the Rest

HOLY CRAP! Hillary Clinton is Helping Trayvon Martin’s Thug Parents Seek This Political Office!!! NO!!!

Only under Barack Obama’s administration would rabid thugs and their families feel empowered to tell people what to and be …Read the Rest