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Federal Judge Who Blocked Immigration Ban Just Got BAD NEWS!

The executive immigration order put in place by the President was met with much displeasure and quiet happiness. Those who …Read the Rest

The First Lady Has Just Made Another Hire, And Liberals Are Losing Their Minds!

For Donald Trump’s entire campaign people mocked and made fun of Melania Trump. Despite the fact that she is beautiful, …Read the Rest

NFL Star Quarterback Hints At Assassination, He NEVER Expected What Happened Next!

The Super Bowl is right around the corner and the Patriots and Falcons are preparing to head off. The best …Read the Rest

BREAKING! Dems Are PISSED OFF After Learning Trump Might Get A SECOND Supreme Court Justice In His First Term, Here’s Why!

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is knocking on death’s door and liberals are freaking out about it. President …Read the Rest

Chuck Schummer Was Just Humiliated So Bad About Islamic Extremism He May Never Be Able To Show His Face Again

In an interview with Breitbart White House Deputy Assistant Dr. Sebastian Gorka crushed Chuck Schumer on his idiotic ISIS comments. …Read the Rest

Ayaan Hirsi Slams Pro-Sharia Law Women’s March Organizer On Live TV [WATCH]

aan Hirsi Ali escaped from an oppressive Somalian Muslim society, she went through female genital mutilation and now she is …Read the Rest

Obama’s Made One Last Sickening $9.2 Billion Donation Before He Left The White House

In its last year in office, the Obama Administration showered at least some $9.2 billion on the United Nations and …Read the Rest

Donald Trump Faces Impeachment Less Than 1 Month Into His Presidency… This Is It

Forty percent of registered voters support impeaching President Trump, according to a poll released Thursday from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling …Read the Rest


The Hill reported that Rep. Joaquín Castro (D-Texas) said he will strongly consider beginning impeachment proceedings against Trump if he orders U.S. …Read the Rest

Trump Just Gave Obama’s Illegals On Welfare The Worst News Of Their Life

During Barack Hussein Obama’s sham of a presidency, millions of illegal aliens were able to game the system and get …Read the Rest