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Anne Coulter Responds In The Classiest Way Possible After Eminem Makes Disgusting Statement

This week, rapper Eminem released a controversial new song with violent lyrics directed at Conservative commentator Ann Coulter. “And f*ck …Read the Rest

Tucker Immediately Shuts Down Ignorant Professor Demanding The Whites Pay Blacks Slave Reparations

Tucker Carlson invited Michael Eric Dyson, a Georgetown Professor who believes white people should be giving some of their money …Read the Rest

Look What Happened To The Secret Service Agent That Refused To Take A Bullet For Trump… [VIDEO]

Secret Service agents take a very important oath to protect and defend the president’s life at all costs. This crucial …Read the Rest

Audience ERUPTS Over What Pence Was Caught Doing During Gaga’s Halftime Show

Lady Gaga was given the honor of the halftime show at one of the most watched events of the year …Read the Rest

HERE THEY COME! Liberals Are Freaking Out, Look Who Trump Is Sending To Chicago!

Donald Trump promised to bring back law and order to the country. That is exactly what he is doing. He …Read the Rest

Watch This Reporter Try to Tell Ivanka That Trump Hates Women, IMMEDIATELY Regrets It!

Ivanka Trump has been one of the most prominent children of Donald Trump to speak publically about him and give …Read the Rest

Muslim Father In Ohio BRUTALLY ‘Honor Kills’ His Daughter, Then Says These 4 Words To Excuse It…

Honor killing is a normal part of Muslim culture. A new report alleges that an Ohio native brutally murdered his …Read the Rest

Supporters Stunned After Ivanka Trump Makes Devastating Announcement… She Needs Your Help

This week, Nordstrom shocked shoppers everywhere with an announcement that the stores have officially dropped Ivanka Trump’s brand, citing declining …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Senate Demands Obama Be Held Responsible… They Are Not Letting Him Off The Hook

This week, the Republican-dominated senate took another shot at Barack Obama’s legacy on Thursday when they voted in favor of …Read the Rest

Arnold Schwarzenegger Had A SINISTER Plan To Attack President Trump And It Just BLEW UP In His Face!

When Donald Trump achieved the Republican nomination for President he had to give up his job as the Celebrity Apprentice. …Read the Rest