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What Jimmy Kimmel Just Did To Trump During The Oscars Is Unforgivable

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Woman Kicked Out Of Store By Cashier Who’s Sick Of Certain People Like Her—She Responds EPICALLY!

In Spring, Texas, a woman ran into her local Kroger grocery store to grab a few things and get on …Read the Rest

HOLY CRAP! Look At The Sick Stash McCain Was Just Found With After He’s Caught Plotting With Muslims To Take Down Trump

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Rosie O’Donnell Calls For Trump’s Arrest, Watch Happens Immediately After [Karma]

Rosie O’Donnell has been engaged in a feud with Donald Trump for more than a decade, but she’s only ramped …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Senate Launches Investigation Into Obama… It’s Finally Happening

Barack Obama may be out of the White House, but he’s apparently not ready to stop fighting to protect his …Read the Rest

Massive Mob Of Rabid Thugs DESTROY Restaurant And Find SICK New Use For Metal Chairs—Watch What Happens!

A crazy fight broke out in a New York seafood eatery and it looked like an old school wrestling match. …Read the Rest

Anti-Trump Illegal Alien Protesters Block Road – Then Get A NASTY Surprise From No-Nonsense Cops

An immigration protest took place this past week. Pro-migrant and anti-Donald Trump protesters tried to block the roadways. However, when …Read the Rest

Man FLOORED At What He Saw Trump Do With Busboy Seconds After Secret Service Swarmed His Hotel Lobby

A reporter was in Washington, D.C. today and staying at the Trump International Hotel where he was sitting in the …Read the Rest

Geraldo Says, ‘Illegals Aren’t Criminals…’ Bill O’Reilly Slams Him So Hard He Might Retire

At this point, it is expected that liberals will spin anything they can to make things go their way. Lately, …Read the Rest

Trump Just Did Something For Our Military The Obama Would Never Do

With Donald Trump officially in office, many military branches are drafting plans of expansion to improve the military that was …Read the Rest