President Trump is no fan of the liberal media and rightly so. It’s not just their incredibly biased reporting, but their inherent ability to gripe about anything and everything under the sun, often latching onto one small detail that pisses them off, and then going on to whine about it for days. But the liberal media’s butthurt antics in the following example is so over the top, it proves just why the Trump Administration has such heartburn when it comes to dealing with these leftist clowns.

Yesterday, President Trump met with about sixty presidents of historically black colleges and universities at the Oval Office in what should’ve been a shining and positive moment for both Republicans and Democrats. But the liberal media is still pouting apparently from having their wieners smacked by Trump over recent weeks by excluding them from the White House presser and calling them “fake news.”

So rather than coming to the event and snapping pictures of the historic moment, they decided instead to focus all their attention on Kellyanne Conway, after becoming pissed at the way she was sitting on the couch. Yes really. Take a look at these absolutely ridiculous set of tweets, where the journalistic “ability” of these leftist morons was put on full display:

Perhaps due to her height, and not wanting to get in the way of cameras behind her, Conway had chosen to sit on her knees as a way to get higher so she could snap pics. But shortly after the AFP tweeted out the picture of her on her knees, CNN’s Jake Tapper then re-tweeted the photo, and from there liberals began having a hay day, even calling Conway a “piece of white trash.”

Liberals across the pond even decided to jump in on the Conway-bashing, and the attacks continued to reach epic proportions of stupidity:

This just further proves why President Trump wants the liberal media as far from him and his staff as possible. It’s unconscionable that these nasty and vile people would completely miss the point of the historic and wonderful thing our president was doing by gathering all these African-American university presidents together at the Oval Office, instead choosing to place 100% of their attention to how Trump’s aide was sitting on the freaking couch! Seriously what the hell is wrong with these people? Their vitriol at this point is truly startling.

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