Michelle Obama is back from a long vacation and in her former First Lady stomping ground — Washington, D.C. As she was out and about alone, her tax-funded Secret Service seemed to have lost sight of her just long enough for a camera to catch what she was up to before security swarmed and blocked the rather disgusting view.

Michelle Obama lived a façade for eight years while in the White House which was largely for her sanctimonious platform of being the country’s “healthy mom” on all things of nutrition and exercise. It’s insulting to “real” parents who don’t have a personal chef paid for by other people and have to balance nutrition and physical fitness for their family sometime between making enough of a living to pay for a modest living and the rising cost of healthcare under Barack Obama. Now that she’s “off the clock” as First Lady, it would seem that she’d drop the façade with her title too, but people were sickened to see what she was up to when she thought nobody was looking.

Old habits die hard and it seems that’s what Michelle is suffering now as she tries to learn how to be a civilian again, and one who nobody seems to care about any longer. The former First Lady prided herself on the pretentiousness of telling other parents how to live and raise their kids while living a life that wasn’t congruent with all that she claimed. She loved the attention she got as being the “First Lady of Fitness” and isn’t ready to drop that notoriety just yet as paparazzi caught her leaving an indoor cycle class in the city, but looking as if she hadn’t even broken a sweat.

While looking ever so sporty and stylish in her black Lululemon gear, Michelle strategically left SoulCylce in a way to look like she was avoiding cameras, while clearly placing herself directly in the limelight she’s used to. For someone as narcissistic as she is, it’s a hard habit to quit along with pretending to be someone you aren’t for nothing else than unearned respect. Adding to the attention-grabbing scene was watching our tax dollars at work when Secret Service surrounded this celebrity wannabe and escorted her to her ride, TMZ reported.

While I personally think it’s tacky to report on other people’s weight, this is an issue of making appearances outside of a person’s pant size. I genuinely don’t care that her scale fluctuates and it’s gross for anyone to point out that it does, especially since those who do not this, probably see some pretty astonishing numbers on the scale themselves. However for the same reason that nobody should make a statement of Michelle’s weight, is why she shouldn’t make a political platform about it since no parent is perfect and she’s clearly pretending to be — even now that she’s finally out of office.

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