The state of Minnesota has rolled out the welcome mat for Muslim refugees at the urging of the state’s governor, Mark Dayton, who convinced citizens that they are better people than other states for doing so. After this happened, and despite President Trump’s travel ban, one man learned the hard way that the damage was already done when he walked out his front door for a cigarette and got a sickening surprise.

Leftists’ rhetoric is aimed at appeasing their personal agenda of overthrowing Trump at all cost, regardless of whose safety is at stake. Dayton fought tooth and nail for refugees, insisting that they wanted nothing more than a better life from where they were escaping. He was the guy to give it to them and feel as a hero to the wrong people and create victims out of those who may or may not have voted for these new neighbors.

KIMT reports that on Sunday night, a 33-year-old man from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota simply stepped out for his last cigarette of the day at 10:40 p.m. when he opened is front door to a horrifying refugee “welcome.” At the exact time he walked outside to light up, two cars reportedly filled with suspects that the victim described as Somalis pulled up and parked in front of his home. Two allegedly Somali men emerged from one of the vehicles and opened fire on the victim who didn’t know that and certainly hadn’t provoked the attack, according to Rochester Police (pictured above).

The man was shot twice while attempting to escape back into his home for protection from these supposed refugees. Despite running from the scene for cover and being directly hit two times, the innocent Minnesota man suffered a total of seven wounds from the random assault, all from the two bullets penetrating his body, KIMT reported.

While the victim suffered non-life-threatening physical injuries, he’s suffering the wrath of liberalism that allows refugees into America unchecked under Obama and his state’s own governor. Political correctness injures and/or kills. An adjustment to our country’s immigration policies isn’t about bigotry, it’s about common sense and safety which everyone who is anti-Trump can’t see even after an innocent man gets shot because of it.

Police have yet to identify and arrest the assailants and a motive at this time is unknown, as the incident is under investigation. If this was a random attack by refugees, what works in other places and is ingrained in those people who come from there, doesn’t work in America. Trump’s intent is to keep the country the land of the free and home of the brave, which requires sacrificing “multiculturalism” and “tolerance” to make that happen.

This report was updated at 1:30 pm EST on February 9, with additional information provided by local news KIMT. 

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