When President Trump’s temporary immigration ban on 7 terror hotspot countries was implemented, there was a noticeable decrease in Muslims attempting to enter the country from the Middle East. While the ban was in effect, liberal snowflakes cried, racist Democrats screamed “racism!” and the majority of Americans cheered the decision to restrict terrorists from getting into the country because they didn’t want to get blown up or beheaded.

Then an idiot lefty judge slapped a stay on the temporary ban, and the looney, liberal 9th Circuit Court decided to uphold the stay. Terrorists everywhere cheered. They could come to America again and get to planning their next attack on women & children & gay nightclubs.

When the stay was upheld by the 9th Circuit, something interesting began to happen. Muslims from all over the Middle East, including many from the 7 failed states listed in the temporary ban, flooded airports to get to America. It was a veritable Islamic stampede. But there’s something else. According to Cheri Berens, author of the book An American Woman Living in Egypt, Muslims from the 7 countries on the ban list were notified that they would be able to travel to the United States again before U.S. Customs and Border Protection made the announcement that they would be allowed on flights.

Via Berens on The Real Side:

A family member is in a top position at Cairo airport. He told us that before the “official” announcement was made that the travel “ban” was lifted, he received a call to come to the airport, as an unusually high degree of passengers were arriving and were clogging up security.

Seems people were notified well before the U.S. made their announcement to airports and airlines that the ban had been lifted.

Airlines departing from International Airports were notified by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 3:40 a.m. that all passengers from the banned countries could board flights to the U.S.

The main cities that will start seeing arrivals of possible terrorists are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington.

Why people from the 7 countries on the ban list would be told they could travel to the U.S. again before the official announcement was made is beyond me. Perhaps someone (or more than one person) loyal to Obama who still works in Homeland Security leaked the information. That’s been happening a lot since Trump became president.

Nevertheless, what’s troubling is the mass surge of Muslim migrants & refugees flooding into our country. Even President Trump took note, Tweeting this out today.

Even the liberal, fake news New York Times noted the mad crush to get to America being made by Muslim migrants & refugees.
The title of their “Muslims are being treated so unfairly” sob story is:
Lifting of Travel Ban Sets Off Rush to Reach U.S.

Thanks to the idiot activist judges at the 9th Circuit, Americans are in more danger of a terror attack than ever before. Remember the fake passports that ISIS started churning out for their fighters? How long before one or more of them get through and wreak havoc on American citizens? Probably not long thanks to scumbag leftist judges.

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