Dove recently departed from their anti body-shaming advertising campaign to shame our new president, using and abusing their big business platform to make a sickening political statement. They either didn’t care what their nasty message would do to sales or thought it would be beneficial, but what they weren’t expecting was the payback that pissed off patriots delivered once they saw what they said about America’s leader.

Following in the foul footsteps of Budweiser who mixed business with divisive politics, the producer of soaps and other personal care products rolled out a new advertisement campaign to slam Trump and his powerful right-hand woman, Kellyanne Conway. While Democrats reveled in this ad for what they said, they weren’t led to the store to buy up beauty bars and deodorant. Their praise couldn’t undo the damage they had coming to them when they ignored the fact that Trump won because far more people supported him, rather than hate them.

The ad campaign ran in the U.K. but crossed the pond as quickly as it was printed where pissed off Americans didn’t appreciate what they the Brits apparently thought was pretty funny. As OccupyDemocrats gleefully described, the campaign was mocking an interview where Kellyanne Conway claimed that the Trump Administration was offering “alternative facts” when Trump was wrongfully accused of spreading lies. The word took off by idiotic liberals who love to assign titles to everything — “alternative” being their latest the put with anything they claim isn’t real. Dove’s new ad plays on this rhetoric with a list of obvious falsehoods about their products to say that these preposterous claims are about as ridiculous as what comes out of Trump’s mouth.


The #alternativefacts advertisement appeared in several prominent British newspapers including the Guardian and the Times. While the Democrats delighted in it, there are more patriotic customers that aren’t too happy about it and will prove it with their wallets.

The ironic thing is that OccupyDemocrats defended these ads by saying it’s necessary  to point out “an administration committed to distorting or concealing the truth at every turn, impeding citizens’ attempts to hold Trump accountable to his duty to serve them.” In saying such a thing, they are guilty of “alternative facts” since their claim suits the Obama administration better than Trump’s. President Trump is the first leader in history with a track record of keeping his campaign promises within just the first week in office and shows no signs of slowing down. The country, including Democrats, waited eight years for Obama to do that who repeatedly failed instead of followed through.

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