Only under Barack Obama’s administration would rabid thugs and their families feel empowered to tell people what to and be given and official political platform to enforce it. Now that Obama is out and a real leader is in, the effects of this entitlement are still coming up today thanks to some backhanded “help” from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The families of thugs shot by cops as a result of their own actions were made heroes under Obama and poster people for anti-cop rhetoric. These hoodrat families loved the soaking up all of the attention they were given for not raising their kids to be respectful and putting menaces out into society who asked for what they got. Even Hillary Clinton used these mothers as pawns for her political agenda to become president. When that didn’t work, these parents still weren’t ready to relinquish the limelight and have now taken it to a potentially destructive new level.


Capitalizing on their son’s death, Trayvon Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin first wrote rhetoric-riddled book, “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin. That wasn’t enough for this money and power-hungry set up parents, who set their aspirations on politics and were made to feel that they had a place there after being used by the left, but were too ignorant to realize that they were just ploys in Hillary and Barack’s plans.


“We certainly want to look at the positions that are available locally, and then we want to look at the positions for the state of Florida and then U.S. positions,” Fulton said on ABC’s Good Morning America. “We want to take a look at those positions to see what areas we would best benefit from and communities would benefit by having us there.”

If you were wondering what these people’s platform is and guessed that it had to do with gun violence, you were right. Completely ignoring the fact that it wasn’t the gun who killed their kid, it was their son grandstanding authority while ignoring countless demands to stand down. Yet these people want to take the blame of their kid and poor parenting and blame everything else other than what’s real, and want to ensure others do too.

“We want to speak on behalf of the community, and not just as victims of senseless gun violence,” Trayvon’s mom said, but didn’t stop at one liberal talking point — she had to get them all in there since it was liberals who gave her this platform. “We support better education, healthcare, of course, women’s rights, human rights, immigrants’ rights—there [are] just so many different issues that come into play.” Surely, she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about but likes the way it sounds.

The days of making a career out of your thug kid putting himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons are over. Unfortunately for this pair, authority is back in office and the American people are wise to what they are doing and the people of Florida happen to like their gun rights.

h/t: [ColorLines]

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