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George Lopez: ‘Trump Can Kiss My A**, I’m Telling Not Telling Where I’m Going’

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IDC Stands in Solidarity with Coptic Christians and Calls for their Protection

Washington, DC– ISIS continues to carry out its campaign against Christianity from the Middle East, and in a recent video …Read the Rest

Trump Meets With 60 Black Professors, Liberals Completely LOSE IT Over What Kellyanne Was Caught Doing On The Couch

President Trump is no fan of the liberal media and rightly so. It’s not just their incredibly biased reporting, but …Read the Rest

Jimmy Kimmel’s Worst Nightmare Becomes A Reality After Trashing Trump At Oscars [VIDEO]

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Bush Shocks Nation After Finally Coming Forward And Breaking His Silence On Trump

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Look What Mel Gibson Does Right As Jimmy Kimmel Started Bashing Trump

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Minnesotan PISSED After Calling For More Muslim Refugees, Gets NASTY Surprise When He Opens His Door

The state of Minnesota has rolled out the welcome mat for Muslim refugees at the urging of the state’s governor, …Read the Rest

ICE Discovered SHOCKING Thing On All Flights Leaving The Middle East In The Middle of Night — TRUMP WAS RIGHT!

When President Trump’s temporary immigration ban on 7 terror hotspot countries was implemented, there was a noticeable decrease in Muslims …Read the Rest

Secret Service Rushes In To Cover Michelle After Shocked Onlookers Caught What She Was Doing In D.C.

Michelle Obama is back from a long vacation and in her former First Lady stomping ground — Washington, D.C. As …Read the Rest

BREAKING: New Law To Have Burkas Banned In Public Places

According to reports, Swiss lawmakers are closer than ever to implementing a nation-wide ban on face veils. The ban on …Read the Rest