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Traitor Shep Smith Loses Everything For Trying Smear Trump In The Worst Way Possible

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Matt Damon Risks Everything To Take This Massive Stand For Donald Trump

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Trump’s Has Had Enough, Kicks Border Patrol Chief To The Curb, A New Era Has Begun

According to reports, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan has left the agency just one day after Donald Trump signed …Read the Rest

Disgusting Media Pukes Make Disturbing Claim About Trump — Backfires BIG With What He REALLY Did

  The liberal media is a particularly sickening group of pukes who refuse to show the truth and then blame authentic …Read the Rest

IDC Statement on the Trump Administration’s Initial Humanitarian and National Security Policies in the Middle East

Washington, DC– January 26, 2017 – IDC shares the U.S. government’s concern for the plight of refugees and displaced persons …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Trump Just Pissed Michelle Off With What He Destroyed Of Hers On Day 4 In The White House

Ever since Donald Trump took over as president, liberals have been losing their freaking minds. Banning Muslims, building walls, and …Read the Rest

Terrifying Announcement About Hillary Clinton Just Made And It’s Far Worse Than We Thought!

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Look What SICK Entitled Traitor Transvestite Is Demanding NOW After Obama Commuted Him

Traitor transvestite Chelsea Manning (aka. Private Bradley Manning) should be pretty grateful for corrupt former president Barack Obama commuting his …Read the Rest

BOYCOTT Chili’s! Here’s What They’ve Secretly Been Using YOUR Money For That They DIDN’T Want Out. Sick!

As liberal snowflakes meltdown over Donald Trump being sworn in as our 45th president, and his promise to nominate a …Read the Rest

Trump Drops Hammer On Scumbag Celeb For Brutally Attacking Barron AFTER White House Issued Warning

Chelsea Handler has been one the latest hack-celebrities to attack the first family. The other day, Handler said she is …Read the Rest