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IDC Executive Director Philippe Nassif Discusses Safe Zones in Syria and the Immigration Ban

An interview with EWTN News Nightly’s Lauren Ashburn Source: Indefenseofchristians

WE KNEW IT! Look At Who Killed 8 In Violent Bloodbath Last Night That Mainstream Media Refuses To Show

Last night during evening prayers at a mosque in  Québec City, Canada, a horrifying attack was carried out by two …Read the Rest

74 Year Old Florida Woman Unleashes Hell Fire On Thugs Who Break In

According to reports from KLSA, 74-year-old Texas woman Rebbie Roberson was watching the news when someone broke into her Texarkana …Read the Rest

MEDIA BLACKOUT: The List Of Countries On Donald’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Was Approved By Obama

Liberals—and even some Republicans—have gone to extremes to speak out about President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration. But before …Read the Rest

Malia Obama Takes On Trump… This Is Not Going To End Well

For months, former President Barack Obama refused to comment on who his daughter Malia voted for in her first election. …Read the Rest

Sheriff Grants Sanctuary For Illegals, Texas Major Immediately Serves Up Some Hard Justice

Last Friday, newly-elected Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez announced that her department will not be cooperating with federal immigration authorities. …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Melania Trump Launches Her Own Campaign… This Is It

During her husband’s presidential campaign, Melania Trump promised she would take a stand against cyber-bullying when she became First Lady. …Read the Rest

WATCH Senator Schumer Oscar Performance! Flanked By Muslims, Turns On Waterworks, Says Unthinkable About Trump

Sen. Chuck Schumer has got to be the most despicable Democrat in the Senate today. Harry Reid held that important …Read the Rest

Hillary Just Sided With Muslims And Attacked Trump—  But He SHOVES Her Words Right Down Her THROAT!

Hillary Clinton just couldn’t keep her nose out of President Trump’s business. He placed a freeze on refugees yesterday and …Read the Rest

Melania And Barron Trump Just Shared TERRIBLE News, They Need Our Support!

Chelsea Handler is a dirt bag. Definitely. She has been relentlessly attacking Melania Trump over her accent, not bothering to …Read the Rest