While the media was largely in meltdown mode over President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders implementing, among other things, a temporary travel ban from seven nations, and an indefinite ban on Syrian refugee resettlement, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer channeled his inner John Boehner, crying as he bemoaned the executive order as “mean spirited.”

Watch his delicious tears below:

Did he shed a tear in public after 9/11, the San Bernardino attacks, Boston Marathon bombing, and countless others? Nope.

Did he shed a tear when Obama put a 6 month halt on the U.S. accepting refugees from Iraq? Nope.

Heck, as one Twitter user discovered, Schumer would be disgusted by himself a mere two years ago.


The tears of a clown generated mockery from most, as it would obvious he was expressing empathy for the sole purpose of scoring political points. Among those mocking him included Donald Trump.

Then Schumer tried again – this time enlisting the help of Nancy Pelosi.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, Schumer, Pelosi, and other hysterical Democrats attempted to hold a rally last night on the steps of the Supreme Court.

There was just one problem: they didn’t even come with a working mic. As one person joked, it was like watching a Verizon commercial as Pelosi asks “can you hear me” repeatedly into her mic. She then instructed those around her to sing “This Land Is Your Land” again until the microphones began working – instructions that nobody followed.

You can watch the awkwardness below:

For President Trump, it was just another day, another opportunity to mock Schumer – and Pelosi. He sent out the following tweet afterwards:

It’s unclear how Schumer actually thinks he’s helping his cause at this point. He’s making a laughing stock out of himself, and he’s not actually going to choose anything. On the other hand, I am enjoying the entertainment.

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