New research is showing that Muslim Refugees from North Africa and the Middle East are still unemployed years after immigrating to another country. In Australia refugees from Predominantly Muslim countries are still without gainful employment five years they migrated to the country and this is a big problem. The statistic has come in that 33.5% of Middle Eastern and North African migrants are jobless, six times higher than Australia’s national average according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. (

2017-01-31-13_04_32-one-third-of-middle-eastern-north-africans-are-jobless-_-daily-mail-online Some potental employers could be put off with Muslim women wearing the hijab.

Bob Gregory, Economist from the Australian National University says that “Refugees have very high unemployment and this lasts for a very long time.” Those who migrated to the country of Australia from the Middle East or Northen Africa are mostly of the Muslim religion and know little to no English and have a hard time to secure employment and that means it will take longer to ease them off government benefits. In contrast, most Asians who migrate to the country of Australia already have sufficient English to land and keep a job. Migrants from the Middle East and North Africa were still unemployed after five to nine years living in Australia, their unemployment rate is a very high 17.5%. This number is significantly higher than South-East Asians looking for work. The unemployment rate for South-East Asian was a low (3.6%) and the rate of unemployment among Southern and Eastern Europeans is the lowest at (1.9%).

2017-01-31-13_30_32-one-third-of-middle-eastern-north-africans-are-jobless-_-daily-mail-online Muslim Migrants are more likely to visit Australia’s Centrelink for unemployment benefits.

Being careful of loading our country with more dependants of the unemployment system (that is already overburdened with domestic dependents) wouldn’t be a smart move. President Donald Trump has already released a temporary ban on migration. Trump has targeted seven Muslim-majority nations in the Middle East and North Africa that are known to have high incidents of terrorist activity- Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia. The ban on migration is only temporary until the TSA finish their new 90-day training to help weed out terrorist trying to sneak in the U.S. After the temporary ban is lifted we hope President Trump will give much thought to how to simulate Muslim Refugees without overtaxing our already ever stretched unemployment system.

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